father, Duke Caligo Estella.

It rained exceptionally heavily that day.

Dark clouds covered the sky and no light could be seen.

As if a divine punishment was being inflicted, thunder and lightning struck continuously and violently.

However, the new Duke of Estella was having a more violent and noisy night than outside.

“As a member of the Council of Elders, I’m having some difficulties recognizing the young master… … .”

The Council of Elders was an existence that one would barely realize actually existed.

It was to the extent that I had never seen them once since entering the Estella duchy.

But according to orthodoxy, I had to be 'recognized' by them.

“Shouldn’t he study a little more? He’s very young and inexperienced.”

“I didn't know that Duke Estella would pass away so early… … .”

“As originally planned, the young master is entitled to inherit the title, but twenty seems too young.”

I let them talk on their own.

My ears were open to them, but my eyes were staring elsewhere.

I looked through the large window on the wall opposite me. The curtains were drawn, so the torrential rain outside was unmistakable.

According to the novel, the death of the emperor will take place in the near future.

Would it be today? Tomorrow?

When will I receive the news? It hasn’t arrived yet, but thinking about the news that will come soon, my mind became complicated.

It wasn't because I cared about the emperor.

I was worried about Theodore…This sparked fears that the prologue of the novel would begin.

After wiping my face once with both hands, I put my complicated thoughts aside.

Right now, I had to handle the greedy people in front of me first.

“Hmm. Actually, I didn't want to talk about this, but… … . The Estella Duchy is a noble lineage created through the unions of generations of great nobles. But commoner blood!”

“That's right. I was hesitant to speak, but Young Master, is of commoner blood… … .”

He even brought up the story of my birth.

They laughed.

Once again, I didn’t respond.

When I didn't respond, the elders chatted among themselves as if they were even more excited.

“You're right! First of all, while Young Master is finishing his education our children… … .”

“Ugh! Nonsense! The closest one after Young Master is our family!”

“It must be someone close to the previous duke. We are his brothers… .”

It was common for the elders of the collateral families to belong to the Elders Council.

To them, the title 'Duke' was like a dream that they wanted to achieve, but could not dream of.

Good prey appeared for them, so they must be trying to get me to back down.

I wasn't afraid of them.

He was a father I was not close to, nor did I like him, but I learned a lot from him.

For example, how to suppress these people.

“We’ve agreed. Then, let’s ask Young Master directly.”

“Alright! Who would you like to be the regent?”

They were forcing me into a situation where they had already given tentative answers to each other.

I suppose I had listened to enough of this now.


In an instant, all sound disappeared.

As if nothing had ever existed there in the first place.

The sound of thunder, the sound of strong rain and wind outside, the sound of windows shaking violently, and the sound of their talking all disappeared.

The elders, as if embarrassed, grabbed their necks and trembled.

He shouted something at me with a pale face but no matter what they shouted, no voice came out.

I had listened to their unilateral words until now, so it was their turn to listen to me from here on out.

“You're right. I have just come of age and was born of a commoner's blood. But isn’t the one who was born most directly into the Estella family’s bloodline the strongest?”

The curse that erased sound was a demonstration of the extent of my abilities.

Of course, it was also meant to intimidate.

“I heard that the collateral blood is so weak it can barely make a flower wither… … .”

They kept their mouths shut while shivering like an aspen tree.

Seeing that, I laughed out loud.

In contrast to my icy tone, I smiled more affectionately than anyone else.

“So I wonder if any of you could really be my substitute.”

I broke the silence I had cast before.


Lightning flashed with the sound of rain.

All sounds returned to normal, but they said nothing. Even though I returned their voices.

“My father was unforgiving when his subordinates displeased him. But not me. I have the generosity to forgive once in a while. Of course, that would not be the case with enemies.”

I tapped the table twice with my index finger.

As if it had been promised, an attendant walked out from behind. The servant handed over papers to the elders one by one.

And I asked “Would you like to be on my side? Or would you like to be enemies?”

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