Chapter 8 The Hot Blooded Youth, Su Xiaoyu


“Excuse me, enthusiastic young man, did you see what happened now?”

Nanyin pointed the pistol behind Su Ling with one hand, and picked up the baseball bat leaning on the side with the other.

“Here… are there other people?” Su Ling turned around in a daze, but saw that there was only a fork in an alley behind him.

“Boss, what’s the situation?” At this time, Jiang Mi also heard her voice and rushed over.
She took a picture of the alley with her mobile phone and flashlight, but found nothing.

“There’s nothing, boss, are you too vigilant?” Jiang Mi asked suspiciously.

“No, I trust my intuition.” Nanyin shook her head after hearing Jiang Mi’s question.
As a former member of the Nation Defense Force, she very much trust her intuition.

What’s more… she still knows the plot.

Therefore, Nanyin did not put down the hand holding the gun, but slowly pushed towards the fork in the alley.

“Stop, stop! I’ll come out, I’ll come out, don’t move it any further.”

Finally, maybe the other party couldn’t stand the oppression on Nanyin’s body, a man’s voice came from the alley.

Then, under the light of Jiang Mi’s flashlight, a figure in a Chinese tunic suit flashed out.

This is a handsome young man with beautiful silver hair.
The most conspicuous thing is the pair of black cat ears on top of his head.

But now, a helpless expression was on the face of this handsome young man from the cat clan.

“Do you mind raising your hands?” Nanyin looked Su Xiaoyu up and down, and said casually.

“…” Su Xiaoyu looked at the black muzzle in Nanyin’s hand that did not lower at all, and finally raised his hands obediently.

“Sister, don’t shoot your own people!” Su Xiaoyu tried to get out of the direction the muzzle is pointed out with a smile but found that whether he moved left or right, Nanyin would point the gun wherever he moved.

In the end, he had to give up his fluke of escaping and try to explain.

“My own people? Do you know me?” Nanyin asked with a smile, tilting her head after hearing Su Xiaoyu’s words.

“Uh…No…I don’t know…” Su Xiaoyu was a little embarrassed.

“Then do you know her?” Nanyin pointed at Jiang Mi with a baseball bat.
After seeing Su Xiaoyu’s unresponsiveness, she pointed at Su Ling next to her: “Then do you know her?”

“Uh…I also don’t know…” Su Xiaoyu became even more embarrassed, he said with a dry smile.

“Then who are you?” Nanyin tilted her head again, but this time her face was expressionless.

“…Uh, I’m a student at Roland High School…” Su Xiaoyu was finally able to interject at this time.

He pointed slightly to Nanyin’s school uniform, as if he was afraid Nanyin because she moves a lot and likes shooting.

“Are you a student of Roland High School?” Su Ling said at this time, “I’m the disciplinary committee member of Roland High School, why haven’t I met you, a cat clan?”

“The monster clan in Roland High School basically does not repeat a grade and there are only a few people in the cat clan.
If there is a person like you in Roland High School, it is impossible for me not to recognize you.” Su ling shook her head and said.

Looking at Su Xiaoyu, who became deflated under Su Ling’s words, Nanyin felt very relieved – The male protagonist and the heroine fought each other at the beginning, which is a really good start.

“Actually… I’m a transfer student coming to Roland High School and I’ll official start my class on Monday…” Su Xiaoyu wanted to get out his student ID card and the demon master talisman in the pocket of his jacket, but only at the signal from Nanyin to continue explaining.

“Transfer student?” Nanyin looked at the male protagonist, who was at a disadvantage in front of her, with amusement, “How can we trust you?”

Seeing that Su Xiaoyu was unable to say anything under her questioning, Nanyin decided to change the subject.

“You might as well explain why you are here.”


Su Xiaoyu and his sister Su Ranran arrived at Tianzhou city, noon today.

After settling in the accommodation, Su Xiaoyu planned to take advantage of it being a weekend where no one would be there to go see his future school first, or at least step on the campus ground first.

But this step is not bound to happen cause Su Xiaoyu saw it.
Su Ling, who went home late from doing documents in the student union on weekends, was plotted by a group of little sisters with her being taken to a van in a daze.

Su Xiaoyu immediately knew that he seemed to have encountered something terrible, so, he quickly followed them with the blessing of his own demon talisman.

He didn’t call the police because he was uncertain about the nature of the matter.

In the end, he followed the van all the way to the factory area and saw the process of Su Ling being bullied, but at this time, he was helpless.

First of all, he is a demon master and have many supernatural abilities, but those are all abilities aimed at the demon clan.

Apart from these supernormal occupational abilities, Su Xiaoyu himself is no different from an ordinary high school student.

And he still belongs to the frail kind.

Therefore, Su Xiaoyu did not choose to stand up when he saw that Su Ling was bullied by Yan Lili, because that would not change any results, so he chose to call the police in the dark.

In this way, Su Xiaoyu hid until Nanyin appeared, shocked the audience, and found him.

“Are you still a boy? Why didn’t you come out to help? Just because you couldn’t fight? Aren’t you ashamed to say it?” Jiang Mi was the first to express contempt after listening to Su Xiaoyu’s explanation.

“Actually, I think he did the right thing.
After all, his situation… it really doesn’t change anything even when he comes out.
It’s better to call the police in the dark.” Nanyin shook her head when she heard this.

As a former member of the National Defense Forces, Nanyin has seen many such things.
In this case, it is the best choice to deal with it rationally.

Even Su Ling, the party involved, thinks so.

There is nothing wrong with Su Xiaoyu’s actions.
After all, he doesn’t know her well.

It’s good to be able to follow her all the way from Tianzhou city after seeing her suffering.
What’s more, the other party even called the police to help her.

As a result, Su Xiaoyu was very embarrassed at this time.
He immediately said that after the class on Monday, he would definitely invite Su Ling and Nanyin to a big meal.

“What about me? I am human, am I?” Jiang Mi protested in dissatisfaction.

“Of course you too…” Su Xiaoyu raised his hands helplessly and surrendered, signaling Jiang Mi to stop talking.

“But… since you said you called the police, why haven’t the police come yet?” Jiang Mi continued to wonder.

“This… I don’t know either.
I don’t know much about the police system here in Tianzhou.
After all, I came from Shenhuang Guohao Jing.” Su Xiaoyu also scratched his cat ears depressedly.

“…” Nanyin put away her firearm silently, she naturally knew why the police didn’t come tonight.

The main storyline of “Tianzhou Story-Wan Yaozhi” will start tonight.

There will be a serial murder case involving supernatural powers in the Philo block.
The police force in the entire Philo block has been transferred there.

“Ding Dong, it is detected that the host has completed the second stage novice task.”

“The mission reward has been distributed to the host’s backpack.”

“Now you have started the first stage of the main mission: save at least one protagonist with a tragic ending and at least two supporting characters with a tragic ending.”

“Task reward: Increase the weight of the host role to – supporting role.”


Translator’s Notes:

“your own people” or “your own” means people in one’s own circle or side; friend, one of our own.

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