Two Weapons [Part 2]

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“You know, if Old Man Imoko was an Imperial Japanese, we could explain why we are able to speak the Imperial Japanese language.”


‘To think that there was such a convenient story… Let’s just say that Old Man Imoko taught us.
Alright, case closed!‘ Emma felt calm after drinking the iced tea.


Of course, Joshua didn’t readily agree to it.


“Umm? Will that be the reason why Emma-sama, George-sama, and William-sama are now able to speak Imperial Japanese? Besides, even if you say that you learnt it from Old Man… Imoko(?), wouldn’t that be a little implausible because it has been proven that the brains of Kingdom people can’t comprehend Imperial Japanese?”


If I were to say, ‘Our whole family has the memories of our previous life, and Imperial Japanese is the same as Japanese, that’s why we can speak it…’ would anyone believe me? No, no, I’m already pretty much treated like a weirdo.
I can’t have people thinking I’m any more of a freak.

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“We… worked so very, very hard at Imperial Japanese that we became able to speak it.”


Tsk, let’s just force it through like this.
If we make lies, excuses, alibis, or make it complicated, we will only get exposed.
Especially with how our family is.

‘We simply worked our hardest.’ Let’s go with this.


“Will you trust me, Joshua?”


Emma seized the initiative before Joshua, who seemed unconvinced, could say any more.


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‘You can’t solve a problem without making some sacrifice.’ It’s time to use that.


Emma stared intently at Joshua, lightly clasped her hands under her chin, and tilted her head slightly while looking up at him with an anxious-looking smile.
A skill she learned from Rose: deceive-them-with-a-smile-when-you’re-feeling-troubled pose.


Minato had been concerned that doing it would make her look like someone exaggeratedly acting cute, so she asked Rose for assurance.
With Rose’s seal of approval that ‘if you’re still in your teens, then it will 100% work,’ she had to believe that it would work.


“……a……a..a… angel!!!”


*crash* With a face red as a tomato, Joshua fell from his chair, clutching his chest.


“…cu…cute…so cute… wha—? was that an a-angel just now? s-such a cute a-angel?? It should have only existed in heaven… the one and only angel……”

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Joshua was on all fours on the ground, muttering to himself as he clutched at his heart.


As expected of a skill taught by Rose-sama… Joshua’s mind has completely veered away from Imperial Japanese.
To think it would be this effective; Rose-sama is amazing after all!

Emma pledged her allegiance to Rose once again.


George, William, and Martha looked blankly at Joshua, who had fallen from his chair.
Those three sighed in tandem.


“Who was it? That taught Emma-sama this trick?”


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The damage Joshua received today was greater than usual.

That carefully calculated pose, perfect upturned green eyes with that pleading gaze… Martha was aware that Emma had received Hilda’s tutoring on manners and elegant conduct.
But what she just did was absolutely different.
She sensed that this was the technique of a different breed of professional.


“…I couldn’t see her as an angel at all, though… If anything, she’s a devil, ain’t she?”


“No, she’s definitely Satan.
A Demon King, you know? A psychopath, you know?”


George and William’s blank stare turned into a look of pity.
Joshua was… already beyond saving.
He had completely fallen.
To the exact opposite, the bottom of Hell with Satan.


Hilda’s manners and Rose’s worldly wisdom.

Emma herself was still unaware that her unintentional ‘takedown of multiple people’ was being refined and made deadlier than ever because she had received guidance from both extremes.

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