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“Corn cream soup!!!”


It’s Emma’s favorite.


“Emma-sama…? This meal is for them, remember?”


Martha reminded Emma, who sniffed closer and closer, looking enticed by the smell.


Martha gave Emma a cold stare as if to say ‘You already ate so much in the morning and still want more?’.


Escaping from Martha’s gaze, Emma faced Hattori-san again and smiled broadly.


“There’s a saying that you can’t fight on an empty stomach, right?“


The ninja widened their eyes, surprised that this girl even knew an Imperial Japanese proverb.

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He had never expected that they would be at the mercy of a fragile-looking girl with a big, conspicuous scar and a slender body that seemed like it could be blown away in a breeze.


“Koumei-san, can you wake the sleeping ninjas up? The meal should be eaten to-ge-ther.”




Following Emma’s instruction, Koumei-san pressed her paw around the unconscious ninjas’ foreheads one by one.




“……wh, at?“




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Hattori-san muttered in disbelief after seeing his subordinates wake up one after another.

“They… are alive?“


William, who was removing the entwined thread around Hattori-san so he could eat, retorted to the comment without thinking, “Of course they would be alive? We wouldn’t execute people just for trespassing, obviously.“


“William, is it okay for you to speak in Imperial Japanese?“


George, who was removing the thread on the ninja next to Hattori-san, went out of his way, for some reason, to chide William in Imperial Japanese.


“No, well… you both already spoke it, though?“


” “Ah!” “


Hattori-san and other ninjas looked at George and William in surprise.

So much for the effort thus far to have Emma, whose abilities were already exposed, be the only one to speak in Imperial Japanese.
Now the secret is ruined.
Tsk, these disappointing brothers.

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