Chapter 10 – Joshua Gets Flustered

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“Miss Emma! There are many unusual plants in Count Stuart’s garden, isn’t it?”

“Is that so?”

“Yes! I have seen it before, is it plants from the East?”

“You are very knowledgeable.”

“Our Baron family is engaged in the import and sale of plants! I’m also helping, so I remember somehow without knowing it!”

“That is admirable!”

“No, no! It’s only that much…”

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When Emma smiles, the boy who talked franticly becomes silent and starts blushing.

“Ah! Miss Emma! It’s pretty warm here in Palace!”

Taking the opportunity when the boy is silent, another boy starts speaking.

“Is it?”

While saying that, Emma tilts her head.


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The boy mutters unconsciously.


Ema laughs grinningly.


Joshua, who sees such a situation, drags George and William to surround Emma at a distance, leaving the young ladies he is supposed to introduce.

“Why! Emma-sama! To bless those stinky boys you just met with your angelic smile that you would only show when you see an insect!”

Joshua is griefing while grasping George’s arm tightly.

“Joshua… It kinda hurts.”

“George-sama, are you okay with this?! That baron’s son and the like have been standing in front of Emma-sama for two and a half minutes!”

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“O, oh.”

“And that marquis’s son is standing 20 cm to Emma-sama‘s right! He’s too close!”

“O, oh.”

“Aah, I want her to look at me like looking at a bug!”

“Joshua… Just shut up for a moment.”

The always calm and collected Joshua becomes impatient, has no composure, and even makes outrageous remarks, like Emma.

Before Emma remembered her past life memory, she wouldn’t talk to anyone, treated the boy who talks to her as if he weren’t there, and crouched down to see the procession of ants.

Joshua thought he could talk about ‘Do you know why ants never lose their way?’ or ‘Do you know how heavy an ant can carry?’ to that kind of Emma.

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Joshua doesn’t know this kind of Emma.

He can’t even get closer…

“Joshua… If you introduce me to the girl holding a book over there, I’ll tell you how to save my nee-sama?”

William said to Joshua with a somewhat evil face.


Joshua didn’t notice even with William’s evil face.



Author’s note: The Emma before she remembered was pretty dangerous.

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