A Magnificent Story (Fiction) That Begins From a Memo [Part 2]

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While Leonard had intended to skillfully hide the truth, his expression when reading the memo was too grave.
Combined with Leonard’s tough attitude from the beginning, it gave not only the King, but Prince Tasuku as well, the mistaken impression that Emma’s health was not improving, unbeknownst to Leonard.


“Then, we shouldn’t stay here for too long.
It’s about time we excuse ourselves.”


The King got up from the sofa slowly, taking care not to damage the Emma Silk cover.


Just as Imperial Prince Tasuku was about to stand up following the King, the diplomat Oliver, who hadn’t seen Leonard’s expression from his prostrated position, started to speak.


“With all due respect—! We have not discussed the matter of the Imperial Japanese language yet.
If Lady Emma has recovered, I urge that this matter…”

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He is so persistent… But as someone who had inside information on the state of the Kingdom, Leonard understood why he was so desperate to get the magic stones.


The fact that the country’s deposits had been exhausted had not been made public, so as to curb any panic among the people.

Leonard wouldn’t have known if it hadn’t been for the information from the Rothschild Company.


Every time Leonard drank with Joshua’s father, he was made privy to things he never asked to know, but over time, he inevitably became someone well-informed.


Emma-chan just fainted yesterday.
I understand that you are thinking about the country, but let’s go back, for today.”


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As a ruler, the King felt the same restlessness that Oliver did, only more so.
But as a fellow father with a daughter, he couldn’t force it after seeing that look on Leonard’s face.


“B-But, Your Majesty! At this rate… At least an explanation of how she learned Imperial Japanese!”


‘He has been such a man from long ago,’ Melsa sighed.

He faces the problem in front of him frankly while ignoring the mood or other people’s emotions.
I may have ranked first in the academy, but he came in second place every time.


Although his personality could be better, the side of him that keeps learning and working hard for the country has not changed.


“She studied very hard.
That child is…”


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Oliver lifted his face at Melsa’s resigned words.




“That child had always had a weak constitution and was only allowed to go as far as our garden when she wanted to go outside.
The area within the garden was that child’s whole world.
Remembering the creatures (insects) and plants (insect feeds) she met in the garden distracted her from that loneliness and pain.”


A magnificent made-up story by Melsa had begun.


“In our Palace mansion, there is an elderly gardener called Imoko.
He taught many things to Emma, who could only run around the garden and not outside.
One of those things was the Imperial Japanese language…”


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“Impossible! How is that gardener able to speak Imperial Japanese? Our people also invested effort into learning it, you know! Why is a mere girl like her able to understand it!?”


‘I can’t possibly agree with this,’ said Oliver, shaking his head.


“Effort? Is it countless hours every single day for ten years worth of effort? Because Palace is a borderland, the constant appearance of monsters in our lands limited the time both Leonard and I could spare for Emma.
How lonely Emma must have been, because her brothers were also busy with noble education and monster education.
She must have learned Imperial Japanese desperately to hold the gardener, Imoko’s attention for as long as she could…”




The King unconsciously wiped away the tears that came from hearing Melsa’s (made-up) story.


The gruff-looking, muscular, dashing figure was currently shedding tears in great globs, not minding that others were watching.

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