“Fufu,” Leonard chuckled triumphantly.
As he did, he chanced to look in George’s direction and found him looking back with the gaze one would have when looking at something incredibly disappointing, in this case his own father.

‘I am being unkindly stared at even though each of my sons also has a severe sister complex.

Well, it can’t be helped.
That’s what puberty is.’ Thus, Leonard arrived at this conclusion from his personal point of view.


“*sniffle* I understand you! Count Stuart! I, too, can do anything if it’s for Jadwi!”

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Roughly wiping his face with an already crumpled handkerchief, the King voiced his agreement.


……………The King is still crying, huh…


Ah, George! Stop looking at the King with the same gaze! You will be caught for lese-majeste!!


“W-Well, seeing is believing, so… Imperial Prince Tasuku, shall we talk a little in Imperial Japanese?”


Leonard called out to Imperial Prince Tasuku, who had been quietly listening to the adults’ chatter.

Even though he himself must have had many questions, he had sat quietly and waited for an opportunity to speak out of respect for the King.


Then… what should we talk about…?”


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If they only exchanged greetings, it would be hard to judge how much Leonard understood the language.

Leonard often saw on TV that a celebrity who was good at English wound up at a loss when casually asked by the host to say something in English.
‘Perhaps that’s what he is feeling right now,’ Leonard imposed his own interpretation of Imperial Prince Tasuku’s expression.


Nevertheless, Imperial Japanese was convenient for Leonard and Imperial Prince Tasuku to talk about things that shouldn’t be heard by the King and Oliver.

I should apologize immediately.
Our cats and the spider are also part of our family. Leonard, as the head of the family, must apologize…


“Ah… I’m sorry, but the 19 ninjas who have invaded the mansion are currently in our care.”


Imperial Prince Tasuku suddenly stood up in response to Leonard’s words.


“Whoa there, the ninja disguised as a diplomat had better not move.
The King and Oliver will find you suspicious.“


The standing Imperial Prince and still prostrating ninja were warned by Leonard before they could react.


A tense look started to show on Imperial Prince Tasuku’s face, whose expression had hardly changed until now, and a bead of sweat ran down his cheek.

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