Because It’s Important [Part 1]

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When Emma entered the embroidery class classroom, the young ladies who sat with her at the same table greeted her with concern.


“My, my, good morning, everyone.
You came early today, I see?”


Even the leisurely Marion had already arrived.


“Are you feeling well!? I heard that you fainted at the banquet… You shouldn’t overexert yourself, you know? I thought you would be absent today, and yet…!”


Francesca gently led Emma by the hand to her seat and helped her sit down.

…this sort of caring behavior is one of Francesca’s charms.

She looked like a bossy lady but seemed, unexpectedly, to be the most feminine of the group members.

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I knew it.
I should definitely use pink laces for Francesca’s dress.
Neat, cute, and not too sweet.
The arrangement will be difficult, but it’s fun thinking about it…


“Thank you for your concern.
I’m doing absolutely, thoroughly great.”


She hadn’t fainted at the banquet, but because she was seen by many nobles being carried by the Prince, it seemed that news of Emma’s embarrassing state had reached Francesca’s ears, even though she hadn’t participated.


“Emma-sama, does your arm hurt? I was so worried after hearing the story from my brother, you know?”


Looking at Emma’s right arm, Marion further advised Emma to sit out the lesson if it was still hurting.

Nevertheless, beyond the fact that it didn’t hurt in the first place, Emma had already brought two hundred handkerchiefs, excitedly anticipating the embroidery that they were supposed to be making.
Taking them back home without doing anything felt depressing, and the effort to bring them would have been meaningless.


“I’m alright, Marion-sama.
I’m sure Arthur-sama was just exaggerating.
I could finish one or two hundred embroideries right away.”


Emma put a white square cloth on the table and smiled at Marion.

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Recalling Marion’s dress that had been completed last night, Emma suddenly came up with the idea to have George make a decoration that suits Marion’s short hair.
Although Marion was tall, she had a small face.
Her figure was like a model’s, thus very enviable.


“I don’t think the embroidery teacher wanted us to make that much, right, Catherine?”


“No, I don’t think the embroidery teacher wanted us to make that much, Caitlyn.”


It’s a great amount as usual.
The twins widened their eyes after seeing how much cloth Emma brought.

Today, their silver hair that Minato adored was styled into twin tails and tied with a light blue ribbon.
Silver and light blue made a rather pretty combination.

The noble house that the twins belonged to governed the Simmons territory, which has a large harbor. A marine pattern could also be good…


Somehow or other, because of the commotion with the King, Imperial Prince Tasuku, and the ninjas yesterday, Emma had hardly been able to sew.
If she had an entire day off, she could have finished several dresses with the whole family, but in the end they only managed to work on Marion’s dress.


…come to think of it, I was upstairs when I secretly spied Imperial Prince Tasuku as he was leaving.
He looked so downhearted, I was worried for him.
Maybe he was just feeling hungry…



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“How are you alive……?”


Returning to the royal castle from the Stuart House, Imperial Prince Tasuku let the servants retire and sat down on the chair in the VIP guest room prepared for him.
The ones who appeared before him were none other than the twenty ninjas.


Imperial Prince Tasuku’s POV

The ninjas… are alive?


The 19 ninjas who Count Stuart said had been ‘taken care of’ were alive right before my eyes.

Moreover, judging from their appearance, they had been released unharmed.

As their clothes weren’t torn anywhere, did this mean that these elites couldn’t put up a fight when they were caught?


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Did the ninjas divulge all of Imperial Japan’s secrets?


No, not to mention leaking confidential matters, ninjas weren’t even allowed to say anything that implied those secrets.

And they would definitely take their own lives before they could reach that stage.


Because that’s what a ninja is.


If so, then how? How are they still alive?


Is this a trick by Count Stuart?

But, the result of this time’s discussion was supposedly a heaven-sent for Imperial Japan.


Count and Countess Stuart had supported the diplomatic exchange as interpreters.

As early as tomorrow, the boat carrying food supplies will be departing for Imperial Japan, thanks to the Count’s goodwill.

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