Small, Kind, and Cute [Part 2]

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Arthur’s POV

Practical Skills for Hunters indeed had many exercises that would make people sweat.
But the kindness of Lady Emma, who gave out the embroidery she had worked hard on without hesitation, had a healing effect on the students who were bystanders there.


‘The angel is so kind!’

‘Is Emma-sama an angel? Or are angels like Emma-sama…?’

‘An angel who gently hands out handkerchiefs after Practical Skills for Hunters class… Oh, God.
I pray to you that if I ever get reborn, please make me one of those brothers!’


Hushed whispers rang in my ears.


The two protagonists, the brothers themselves, whispered something like ‘It’s the Demon King’ or ‘Satan’ with lukewarm eyes and didn’t feel touched or healed at all.
Nope, it’s not even lukewarm anymore.
Those eyes were pretty much dead.

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Although I understood that Monster Science is a subject they needed to pass no matter what, for them to carry on studying while ignoring their sister’s goodwill is unbelievable .

Maybe they were already used to that kindness and cuteness because they are siblings, but still, they should have shown a little more gratitude.
It’s inevitable that His Highness got angry.


My younger sister…… was also cute at some point, but she ended up developing handsome features before I knew it.

She is now more dashing than the local noble sons and popular with the ladies.

Compared to me, who can’t even be sure if she fits the definition of ‘younger sister’, the Stuart brothers were living in indulgence.




Such a small, kind, and cute younger sister… I’m envious, to be honest.
I sighed unconsciously.

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End of Arthur’s POV


“Nii-sama? Are you thinking of something rude?”


As Marion glared at him, Arthur laughed to brush it off.

He couldn’t hide even his thoughts before his younger sister, with her martial arts prowess.


“Whatever do you mean, Marion? More importantly, we’ll be going straight home today, okay?


Arthur remembered that they needed to make a new dress for Marion because the Royal Family had invited them to attend an impromptu evening party next week.

Even though it was short notice, the daughter of a ducal household couldn’t possibly wear a once-worn dress to an evening party hosted by the Royal Family.

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His handsome younger sister didn’t like dresses too much, so she didn’t have any in reserve.

Just this morning, their head maid was fussing about having to call the tailor and make the dress.


“The House of Bell too? Actually, House Delacour was also invited to this weekend’s evening party, and we simply must tailor a dress.”


Francesca finally finished eating the one cookie she had received from Emma and made a tired expression, recalling the scene of her head maid running about to secure a seamstress.


Francesca had stayed out of high society as much as she could after the botched baptism of the First Prince faction.
Until now, she hadn’t needed any new dresses.


“My, we’ll be making a dress for the evening party as well, won’t we, Caitlyn.”


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“My, of course we’ll be making a dress for the evening party as well, Catherine.”


The twins had been invited to the evening party too, but since they also attended the last banquet, they didn’t have another dress in stock.
Like everyone else, they needed a new one tailored.


Even if they took measurements today, making a dress was time-consuming.

It was probably risky to say if the tailor would be able to barely finish it in time.

Usually, it was rare for something hosted by the Royal Family to have such a tight schedule.
At this rate, tailors everywhere must have been flooded with orders.


“The banquet the other day was also a grand affair, so there are many young ladies, probably, who’ve just worn their new dresses.
The tailors have their work cut out for them.”


As the tailors were overwhelmed with orders, all the head maids from every household were on pins and needles worrying if the dresses would be done in time.

Social events hosted by the Royal Family every year were fixed, so when the events were held two weeks in a row irregularly, it threw all the noble houses into a panic.

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