Overwhelmingly Busy [Part 3]

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“Eek!!!! P-Please forgive me—!!!”


She had injured a noble young lady’s face.

She apologized by reflex, but perhaps… her death sentence was already confirmed.
No, the weight of her life might not be enough for them to forgive her.
Still, at least…


“I will offer you my life, so please, please, my family… would you please at least spare my little brothers and sisters!”


She apologized with her head pressed against the stone pavement. Will the shopkeeper who had hired me also get punished?


Even though it’s not the shopkeeper’s fault…


“Eh?? huh……eh? Isn’t that too exaggerated for just bumping into someone…”

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As the girl stood up with the boys’ help, she responded to Hannah with a soft and fluffy voice.


“No! I have caused an injury on a noble’s face! Please, please, I will give my life if you could somehow forgive this offense!”


“Injury!? Emma-sama!! Did you get injured?? I-I will call a doctor!”


The freckled boy called out to the girl worriedly.

She is definitely a girl with high status.
She had never seen such beautiful hair.
Also, that light green eye color… was it the color of some Duke household……


“Huh? Ah, I’m fine, I’m fine.
The scar on my face has always been there, and my bag cushioned my fall, so I’m unscathed, you see?”


‘Fufufu,’ the girl softly laughed.
Even so, the boys still checked all over for any wounds… was what Hannah sensed with her head still on the stone pavement.

‘As expected, she is a young lady of considerable status.
My earlier hardships at work… had it been heaven compared to this?’ Hannah instantly understood that her life had fallen to rock bottom.

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“Alright, no injuries.
Thank god.
Father would make a fuss if Emma got injured.”


A boy quickly propped up Hannah’s arm and pulled her to her feet in one powerful motion.


“Are you alright?”


A tall youth with purple eyes peered at Hannah.

Hannah was definitely not a child, so she should be considerably heavy, but he was able to help her stand up that easily.
Surprised and confused, she wondered why this noble was worrying about her.


“Ah, you scraped your hands!”


The girl she bumped into also looked at Hannah’s hand and made a worried face.

“Ah,” As if remembering something, the girl retrieved a handkerchief from the bag that had cushioned her fall earlier.

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While Hannah was wondering what the girl was going to do, she put that handkerchief on Hannah’s scraped hand to treat her wound.



The smooth touch of this handkerchief is…… Palacian…… silk!?

She was shaking, not from the pain of the wound, but from recognizing the touch of the finest silk she had felt every day until just recently.

‘No way, it can’t be what I’m thinking.’ Hannah looked at the handkerchief wrapped around her hand and got even more frightened.

An unbelievably detailed cat embroidery was there.


A realistic motif of two calico cats.
A glossy furred black cat.
A fluffy-looking white cat.

A sense of liveliness in the knitting yarn the cats were playing with.


The Palacian silk handkerchief with embroidery that could already be considered a work of art was stained with the blood oozing from her scratch.

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It was exactly because Hannah was a seamstress that she knew Palacian silk’s price.

It was exactly because Hannah was a seamstress that she knew that embroidery’s worth.


Hannah, a commoner, a country girl, and a freshly unemployed person, had that insanely valuable handkerchief wrapped around her scraped hand.


Her vision suddenly turned white.


She couldn’t stop her consciousness from slowly, slowly drifting away, and finally collapsed.


Now that I think about it, I haven’t eaten or slept for the past few days.



Author’s note: It wasn’t the shopkeeper’s fault.

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