The Tailor Shop and Bossy-Boots [Part 2]

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“First of all, tell me about the progress of the dresses.
Let’s do our best to finish at least all the designs by today.
After the designs are done, I will do the basting. Nii-sama will make the accessories and decorations, and William will take a quick trip to the slums to fetch Harold-san and a few handy children.
The embroidery work… Father is out today, so Hannah-san, if you may.”


“Eh? Huh? Eh?”


“Ah, before that, Hannah-san and the shopkeeper.
Please go to the church and government office immediately and register your marriage.”


“Huh!!!? W-What are you saying—”


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The moment the shopkeeper agreed to hire the three siblings hurriedly as he was told, Emma started dividing the work with great momentum.
She looked a bit like Melsa like this.


To think that I hired some noble children… The shopkeeper lamented as he mumbled, but if he had the ability to turn people down effectively, he wouldn’t have fallen into his current disadvantageous situation.

George had already started working on the first half-finished decoration, and William had also run to the slums at full speed.


“Please go quickly!”


Emma urged the shopkeeper while looking at the unfinished pattern of three dresses.

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“No, well… Marriage, so suddenly… That… How about… Hannah’s feelings…”


The shopkeeper, a grown man.
was fidgeting with a barely audible voice… Emma had an irresistible urge to bring back the Tibetan sand fox, but more than that, what was he saying…


“It’s alright! You share mutual feelings.
No problem.
Please talk about it to your heart’s content after we are gone.
A tailor shop’s shopkeeper and a seamstress… um… Yeah, the church will probably approve.
If you feel unsure, please stop by Joshua’s store and have him accompany you.
The Rothschild Company donates a large sum to the church every year, so gets a pass for most things.”


So what if she trampled over their feelings.
She was past caring.

Today, when no one would play with Emma, Hannah accompanied her for tea.
Although it was half forced, you couldn’t say that it was not a girls-only gathering.
Moreover, when Emma looked at the situation now, there was the essence of girls’ talk hidden behind Hannah’s story about her work.


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It’s such a typical girls-only gathering! Since it has come to this, we can solve the problem in no time, and I can use this as the topic during the next girls-only gathering with my friends from Embroidery class .


“Emma-sama?? That’s neither here nor there, right? Why? Marriage, now???”


The shopkeeper and Hannah both asked for an explanation from Emma, with red faces.


“To begin with, nobles, you see, although they usually like to be unreasonable, they wouldn’t be this unreasonable.
What could have made things end up like this… The Royal Family’s evening party is no more than an excuse, you know.”


“Instead, it was used as a pretext…” Emma explained to the shopkeeper and Hannah.
In the end, the shopkeeper was the cause.

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“The shopkeeper… is a that, isn’t he.
A hunk, isn’t he.”




In this world, no matter where and how she looked, everyone was pretty in their own ways.

Even among those, the shopkeeper looked exceptionally good.
If this was the world of an otome game, he would 100% no doubt be a capture target.
This was just Emma’s guess, but he was such a hunk that rumors about him may have sprung up even in the royal capital and the academy.
His sparkly aura could contend with William’s.


Among the five dresses, the order of the last three dresses that were shoved into them came from young ladies whose households already had an exclusive tailor.

It was usually impossible for a shop of this scale to make a dress for such wealthy ladies.
That’s right, those young ladies just wanted to take a look.
At the hunk shopkeeper delivering the dresses.
It was the reckless behavior of someone of marriageable age, the age when one is keen to follow the crowd.

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