The Tailor Shop and a Bossy-Boots [Part 3]

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Of the shops in the shopping district, it may be possible that young ladies came to those facing the main street, like Joshua’s store.
It was unlikely for them to visit a shop located on a street where even carriages couldn’t pass through.


“In other words, the young ladies who only wanted a look at the shopkeeper used the Royal Family’s evening party as an excuse, and thus your shop was suddenly crowded with orders…”


It sounded silly, but adolescent girls’ obsession with handsome guys was not only abnormal, but also extreme.


“No way… Such an absurd thing…”


The shopkeeper shook his head, unable to understand it.


“Here, the proof – look at the sizes written in this order form.
They don’t comply with the young ladies that I know! Such a perfect body size… in this world, it would mean someone on par with Rose-sama, okay?”


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Even K*ne Kosugi[1] would be surprised.

[T/N 1: Kane Kosugi, an American martial artist.
“Perfect body” is his famous line in TV shows and commercials.]


If a lady with this kind of bombastic body had existed in the academy, Emma’s beauty sensor would have been activated by now.
Three students who each possessed such a figure simply did not exist.

Besides, an owner of a Rose-sama-like body surely wouldn’t be troubled about the opposite sex.
In fact, such a person wouldn’t need to go so far just to see the shopkeeper’s face in the first place.


…or rather, Lyla-sama, Matilda-sama, and Hailey-sama… how could they just make up a bunch of lies? Don’t they feel pathetic saying it themselves? Must they also hurt themselves to see a hunk…

If we tailor it as is, we would end up with a dress that nobody can wear.
It’s such a waste.

Ah, they get to call the shopkeeper once more to return the goods, huh… I see…


“………I haven’t paid attention to the details because there have just been too many orders, but these sizes…… certainly…”


Hannah was surprised that Emma could visualize the body shape just by a glimpse at the order forms.

All dresses were made by using templates to start with the sewing patterns, but there’s no template of this size.
It was just a few days ago that Hannah shouted that making a dress without a template was going to take too much unnecessary effort, making her busy…

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“But, what is the relation between that and getting married??”


The shopkeeper asked Emma, with a face that looked like he understood but was also confused.


“Hm? If the girls are clamoring for you, shopkeeper, out of the delusion that they might have one chance because you are single, you will surely lose popularity if you get married.
I mean, that’s also the reason why idols can hardly get married, right?”


“??? one chance?? idols??”


It’s impossible for a noble lady and a tailor shop’s shopkeeper to get married in the first place because of their difference in status.
But idols in their previous world were also distant beings that were impossible to marry.
That’s why the marital status of your bias is quite important.

“Anyway, please go before the church’s reception hours are over,” Emma urged the shopkeeper.

This was her defensive measure to prevent the orders from increasing any more.


“That… um… Hannah… are you… alright… with someone like me?”

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“Eh!!? u-uh… If you… don’t… mind…”


“…!! Really? I-Is it really okay?”


“Please go quickly…”


“We have no time, you know,” Emma pushed the two and physically drove them out.

A grown-up man who hems and haws is troublesome…


George called out to Emma, who saw the two off as they walked to the church,

“…be a little more considerate, won’t ya…”


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Emma, too, felt that she was being a little too pushy, but after watching the two leave, she lost her feelings of remorse.


“But Nii-sama…… Those two are walking while holding hands right now.”


The shopkeeper who was fidgeting so much until then, naturally took Hannah’s hand and walked with such slow steps that made her wonder whether he had forgotten about work.


“Uwah— you’re right……”


George stopped working and came from behind Emma to watch the two.


” “Normies, get stuffed…” “


The brother and sister who couldn’t get married[2] in their previous life muttered together.


[T/N 2: To other people, not to each other.]

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