eird in it.


“Marion-sama is tall and has good proportions, so you pull it off perfectly! That hair ornament also suits you very well and looks beautiful on you.” George said some sweet words he learnt from Leonard to Marion.


The tall George and Marion side by side were like a great picture together.
If the two danced just like this, they would no doubt become the center of attention.
Unfortunately, George would not dance as usual.


Marion smiled happily and said thank you in response.
Maybe it’s because of the dress that her gestures looked more lady-like than usual.

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“These stripes, we like it very much, right, Caitlyn?”


“These stripes, we like it very much, Catherine.”


The twins, too, looked very pleased with their dresses.


“Emma-sama, you really saved us.
My dress was finished, but Caitlyn’s dress was not.
We just can’t wear dresses that are not a matching set, right? Caitlyn.”


“Emma-sama, you really saved us.
Uh-huh, we just can’t wear dresses that are not a matching set, Catherine.”


The twins’ dresses had the exact same design, with only the order of the light blue and white stripes inverted.
The light marine patterns looked nice on their tan skin.


“Both Catherine-sama and Caitlyn-sama look very cute! I already knew marine patterns would suit the two of you!”

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Looking at the dressed-up, silver-haired twins with tan skin, Emma kept nodding and said several times, “Yeah, yeah.


“This pattern is definitely going to be popular!” The twins said in unison.




This morning, the family heard a rumor that many ladies didn’t have their dresses done in time for today’s evening party from Joshua, who visited their house. 


‘What if my embroidery class friends are also troubled…’ Thinking it would be better than not having a dress, Emma asked Joshua’s company to deliver the dresses made by the whole family.


She felt very fortunate that at the beginning of the week, Leonard, who was so lonely in every way after Melsa departed, sewed the remaining three dresses while the three siblings went to school.


Emma and the brothers, who couldn’t find friends to play with after school, also went home early to finish the dresses.

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