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Then, someone with a graceful, cream-colored dress suddenly  joined their circle.

Everyone stopped breathing for a moment.


Seeing the Stuart family give a bow with a happy smile, the guests in the venue followed along in a fluster.


It was the royal concubine, Rose Alicia Royal-sama.


It’s been rumored that Rose-sama had changed the way she dressed about a year ago, and I had seen her several times at evening parties, but it was the first time I saw her from such a close distance.


Splendid, light gray embroidery on the cream-colored velvet dress.
Shoulders, chest, legs, all the skin that she had generously exposed since last year were all hidden, and the heavy jewelries she used to wear lavishly were now only the pearls adorning her ears.


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To be blunt, it was a plain dress.
And too-simple accessories no matter how I looked at it.


Even so, why did she look so beautiful? It’s inappropriate for me to harbor this feeling towards my schoolmate’s mother, but I was a little dizzy from her strong charm.


Even though the skin was totally unexposed and the fabric’s color was not flashy.


It was because they were hidden, that they stood out even more, those huge breasts…

Had she been… this beautiful?


End of Arthur’s POV


Not just Arthur but many guests also revised their perception of Rose’s beauty.


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“Ro-chan, that dress suits you too well! You’re always so beautiful every time I see you!” Even though Emma was told that casual speech was okay after the vassals bow, she still held back because it was a formal occasion and whispered to Rose’s ears so only she could hear it.


“My! Thank you.
Emma-chan, too, is super cute!”




Rose hugged Emma tightly in her embrace.


Due to the height difference, Emma’s cheeks were pressed against Rose’s well endowed chest with enviable elasticity. 


Emma thought to herself.
‘It’s bliss.
I will enjoy these huge breasts, thank you.’


The hug between an elegant beauty with huge breasts and an innocent, ephemeral daughter of a Count had also given a sudden birth to the concept of yuri, which didn’t exist in this world before, with a destructive force that even the venue’s brilliance couldn’t compete against.

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