s and the strictly disciplined Melsa’s sighs.


Even the King would freeze in pure horror at the sound of that sigh, let alone the nobles.

(E/N: As a famous comedian once said the punchline: “Somebody gonna get hurt, reaaaaaaaal bad).


“Your Majesty.
Humans need to eat every day.
Why would you think that the slums’ people will be alright with just one food distribution a week? Everyone is no different than us, right? How many meals do you think we eat in a day?”


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Emma felt indignant towards the lack of imagination of those who had never experienced or never needed to worry about starving.
Hunger is more painful than anything else.
This venue, too, was full of lavish dishes.
And the nobles who were not even hungry could deliver those treats to their mouths like a matter of course.


“No, the report says the food distributions provide enough food to last for a week…”


“There are times when the amount of food distributed is not even enough to give everyone a single bowl of soup, depending on the noble who serves it.”




“And that is a one-week portion…?”


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“I-I received no… such… report…”


“Of course, I have also heard that some nobles arrange the food distribution so the people can have enough food for a week.
However, on the day I first visited the slums, the children were hungry even though it was just right after the food distribution.” 


Emma remembered Hue once said that the amount of food would be completely different depending on the nobles in charge of that week.


There were also nobles who would distribute warm food and rations for the rest of the week in separate bags for each day, along with an explanation so that even children could understand the bags’ purpose.


Even so, the children would still barely have days when they could eat their fill because the food rotted in the summer and was even stolen by adults in the winter.

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