The Slums’ Worth [Part 3]

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“…You are right.
It’s… my fault.
Slums shouldn’t have existed in this country to begin with.
I shouldn’t be satisfied with just written words on the paper of the report.”


“Your Majesty.
I know that Your Majesty works very hard every day for the citizens, more than I could ever imagine.
I only wish to help my friends.
Would you please allow me to obtain a small slice of self-satisfaction in this tiny world of mine?”


Emma pleaded for the slums to the King, who was hanging his head, once again.


A girl wanted to save the slums, that even the country hesitated to poke their fingers with…


“W-With all due respect, Your Majesty!!! Never in history has a Count been granted territory in the royal capital, even if it is merely the slums! Furthermore, I will no longer tolerate it when someone speaks ill about the food distributions, the goodwill of us high-ranking nobles, in such a manner!”

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Some aristocrats were not happy with House Stuart for wanting to improve the aid provided to the slums.


Over these past few weeks, the Stuarts had also received several snide remarks from nobles who noticed that they had let Harold paint the front of Joshua’s store, and had children help make and alter the dresses.

Nobles, who felt like the Stuarts were picking faults with their job, harassed them a little occasionally.
The reason why Emma asked for the slums was also because she wanted to be free from such hassles.


“I understand what you wish to say.
Nonetheless, I don’t think Emma is lying.
The Royal Family will take responsibility and investigate the food distributions.”


“Eh? Uhh? That… investigate… you don’t have to go that far…”


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The man lost his previous vigor as he started to speak in mumbles.


On the other side, Emma, who had suddenly become the target of the intense hostility of others, trembled.
She attempted to calm and soothe herself by staring fixedly at Rose’s huge breasts. 

Let’s make an off-shoulder dress that would expose her chest like what she wore when we first met.
For my own healing… Emma vowed firmly in her heart.


Are you really alright with the slums as your reward? Bluntly speaking, saving them will not be easy, you know? It will cost you a lot of money, and they may not even be grateful to you.
You may incur some weird resentment and encounter dangerous situations.
Even so, is that okay with you?”


As the King, he couldn’t bear to let a girl, who trembled at being merely pointed with words earlier, carry such a heavy burden.

He felt something like doubt towards Emma, who called the starving children her friends, had a beautiful, compassionate heart that wouldn’t be hurt or tainted, and prioritized the people in need over herself.


“Your Majesty.
I want the slums.
I think everyone should have the right to eat the minimum standards of wholesome, cultured food, and snacks.
Our House Stuart has enough power to make that a reality.
The choice to not use that power even though we have it simply does not exist for both House Stuart and me.”

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Minimum standards,



food , and



…? Snacks?

T-The Constitution of Japan[1]—!!! Contrary to the iffy face William and George made as they screamed in silent realization in their minds, the words of benevolence coming from the girl’s mouth greatly shook the hearts of all nobles in the venue.

[T/N 1: The Constitution of Japan Article 25 Clause 1 “All people shall have the right to maintain the minimum standards of wholesome and cultured living.”]

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Even a feudal lord felt that at some point, there was nothing that could be done for the starving people, and to just give it up.

It’s impossible to save everyone in the fief.

Despite that, the fragile little girl had declared, “Everyone.”, as she stood above the stage, trembling before the King.


And following that declaration were wise words that seemed unlikely to be said by a 12-year-old.

There was an unshakeable will in those eyes. 

It was as if the nobles could see a glimpse of her unceasing hard work for the people day after day through those eyes.


Clad in a pure white dress, admonishing the King with an angelic heart…



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