The Advent of a Holy Maiden [Part 3]

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Naturally, the patients were the poor yet able-bodied 50 to 60-year-old sailors who went out on long and harsh voyages.


There were barely any scurvy patients in the slums because the people there had recently had their diet drastically improved, thanks to the work of Harold and the Stuart family.


In other words, most of the scurvy patients brought to the Stuart family’s annex were men in their 50s or 60s who boasted of their tough physique and great muscles before they contracted the disease.


Tanned skin…

refined deep wrinkles that reflected their abundant experience…

…and wild vibes exclusive to sailors.


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It was a group of people which fitted perfectly in Emma’s strike zone.


“This must be what they call an isekai harem, right♪”


Thinking about how Emma kept going back and forth to the annex gleefully whenever she was free, even though she had no particular business there, William sighed as he felt an indescribable injustice.


“Why am I not allowed to look, touch, and talk to little girls when it’s an all-you-can-see, all-you-can-touch, all-you-can-chat old men festival for Nee-sama… It’s not fair! Nee-sama is too stingy! I’m envious!”


Moreover, she received mutual love while doing her Old Man Hoi Hoi operation.
Why do I have an outrageous older sister in this outrageous world… The younger brother dropped his shoulders dejectedly, not knowing who he should complain to as he suffered endless hardships in his older sister’s hands.


” “Emma-sama! We have finished our work~” “

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The slum children gathered around Emma after they finished putting away the dishes.


“Thank you for your hard work.
Well then, because you are done for today, I will give you your salary in a little bit, okay? We also have food prepared, so eat before you leave.”


” “Ye~s♪” “


Now that the slums had become the Stuarts’ territory, they could give the children jobs without having to worry about offending other nobles.

There were no more hungry children in the slums.

With the Rothschild Company’s full cooperation, the worn-out slum buildings were also being quickly repaired.


“Why are there only boys…”

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The children who came to help around House Stuart were all boys, and there were none of William’s favorite little girls here.


“William-sama, the girls prefer jobs like becoming Hannah-san and the tailor shop’s assistant or helping Brother Harold dye the threads.
What did they say about it again? It had more prospects(?) or something along that line… But we, of course, like this job with extra meals the best!”


In any era, in any world, girls would be calculating while boys would be simplistic.

With Harold as the administrator, House Stuart, the tailor shop, and the Rothschild Company, would regularly put up jobs that even children could do, and the slum children could choose to work out of their own will.

A plan to use one of the renovated buildings as a facility to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, sewing, dyeing, paint making, and etiquette so the children could do more advanced work was also under way.


“Hue nii-chan‘s place is the most popular, but… the requirements are pretty harsh, don’t you think?”


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“Isn’t it? We should work hard too.”


Letting the children [choose] a job for themselves helped to create a sense of responsibility and encouraged them to study the field they wanted to delve into.

The small ray of hope that the Stuart family had brought to the slums had begun to bear fruit to a remarkable extent.


“Everyone is free to do anything you want.
Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses, so don’t be afraid to try many things to find the one you like.
Once you do, pour all your efforts into it, and one day, it will become a strength that won’t lose to anyone else!”


” “Ye~s, Emma-sama.” “


And thus, the slum children devoted themselves to their own studies and grew to be professionals in a wide variety of fields.

All with absolute loyalty to House Stuart.


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