The Fifth Tanaka Family Meeting [Part 1]

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Melsa’s POV

“Now, only a short two weeks.
I have only been gone for two weeks, and my cute daughter somehow turned into a Holy Maiden when I came back? Mind telling me what is all this about?”


When I arrived at the famous port of the Simmons territory after a long journey from Imperial Japan, the porters and cleaning ladies who waited for our ship on the dock, and the sailors and merchants who just happened to pass by, all offered words of prayer to me, one after another.


“Look over there! It’s the Holy Maiden, Emma-sama’s, mother, Melsa-sama.”


“Emma-sama‘s mother? The Holy Mother, Melsa-sama?”


“May God bless Holy Maiden Emma, Holy Mother Melsa, and the House of Count Stuart!”


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And it wasn’t just at the port.

I also kept getting people’s blessings on my way home to House Stuart and on the way to report to the royal castle.


“Hey, it’s Melsa-sama.
I see that she has returned safely.
I’m sure the Holy Maiden will be delighted.”


“Oh! Look at that dignified figure! She must be the Holy Mother who gave birth and raised the Holy Maiden.”


…Come again?


End of Melsa’s POV

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“I wonder what this is all about?”


Melsa made the whole family kneel on the floor before her.


“Well, Melsa, you’ve always known that Emma is an angel, right?! It’s just that everyone only noticed it now…”


Leonard tilted his head in confusion, not understanding why Melsa was angry.


“Can you be quiet for a while, dear?”



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“William? Explain it to me.
Why have the slums been added to our House Stuart’s territory in just two weeks? Why did the insects in our house increase by that much? Why has our mansion’s annex been turned into a treatment center? Why is Emma called the Holy Maiden? Now, remember, we all swore when we moved out of Palace, didn’t we? That we would live our days in the royal capital as inconspicuously as possible.”


“M-Mother! I-It was… uhh… One thing…just led to another…”


William answered as he started shaking like a rattle. Mother… already has it all figured out… Lame excuses won’t work on her.
…But, huh? Two weeks… Did we really do all that in two weeks? I don’t remember doing anything bad, though…


“Emma? Why do people call you Holy Maiden?”


“Eek! I-I’m sorry! Mother… I don’t know what’s going on either…”


The moment Melsa’s icy gaze pierced through Emma, she immediately thought, ‘Mother must NEVER know…

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…that I was gazing at Rose-sama’s voluptuous b̳o̳o̳b̳s̳ at the evening party hosted by the Royal Family.

…And that I kept touching buff sailors in the guise of nursing them with a grinning face.
Accompanied by my old men sensor ringing as the background music too.
Though I personally thought that I’ve been holding myself back quite well.

That ‘title’ of mine has not only spread in the royal capital, but also throughout the Kingdom at this point.

The rumors are circulating around the noble society, slums, tailor community, and even the Simmons territory port at a terrifying speed and are spreading further and further.


“H̳o̳r̳n̳y̳ Maiden,” they said.


To make things worse, I also ended up being called ‘that’ at the academy, which will resume soon.

I know that it’s not good to prank girls, but Robert-sama and Bryan-sama must have reflected on their actions too, so is it not alright to release them from prison?

Gah, I shouldn’t have said that!

They probably thought that those two guys and I were birds of a feather when I covered up for them, who had made mischief on the same level as flipping skirts.


“H̳o̳r̳n̳y̳ maiden”… Mother will never forgive me for this.’

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