A Feast [Part 4]

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“Miss Holy Maiden! Thank you for taking care of my older brother.
Excuse me for coming here looking like this.
I have caught a rare fish, so I, by all means, hope I can give it to the Holy Maiden to eat… I couldn’t hold myself back and came straight here…”


The dazzling biceps shown from his rolled-up sleeves,

the sweat formed on his forehead after rushing over from work that sparkled in the setting sun,

his distressed frown due to how uncomfortable being in the garden of a noble’s mansion made him feel.



I will never get tired of this sight.
It seems like I can eat three bowls of rice tonight.


Emma greeted Jacob’s younger brother with a beaming smile.


“My, there’s no need to worry about anything.
Jacob-san is steadily recovering, you know? If you’d like, please visit him before you leave, okay?”

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George and William, who followed behind Emma, didn’t miss what Jacob’s younger brother had muttered with a blushing face.


“…100% accuracy rate…”


“What ranks higher than the Devil’s… Demon King again?”


The brothers could only sigh at Emma, who turned the old man, who had always made fun of the rumors about the Holy Maiden the most, into a fanatic believer with just one smile.


“Yes…! So um, this fish is rare in this area, so I really really hope the Holy Maiden can give it a taste!”


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After he said that, Jacob’s younger brother put down the leather bag he had carried on his shoulder and took out the large rare fish from inside.
The bag looked quite heavy as it seemed to hold some seawater to keep the fish fresh.
And what those strong arms, that could carry such a bag easily, took out, was a lively and delicious-looking fish.


It was a beautiful cherry blossom-colored fish.


Jacob’s younger brother had said that it was a rare fish, but for the three siblings, it was a fish they had missed dearly.


” ” “S-s-sea… sea bream!!!” ” “



At the long-awaited dinner at the family dining table.

Emma ate the boiled spinach with soy sauce and dried bonito with relish using the [chopsticks] that Melsa had brought home as a souvenir from Imperial Japan. ‘Thank you, Imperial Japan, for the soy sauce and dried bonito,’ thought Emma as she moved her chopsticks skillfully.


“See this George nii-sama? Report, communicate, consult is important, isn’t it?”


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“Uh, yes.”


A fresh sea bream sashimi arranged in its original shape[1] sat right at the center of the dining table.


“Miso soup, boiled spinach seasoned with soy sauce and dried bonito, and rice… Added with sea bream sashimi… This is seriously heaven!” Leonard started shaking from joy.


“I want to eat the sashimi with wasabi, but dipping it in soy sauce alone is delicious too. Nee-sama, we definitely must prevent Imperial Japan’s destruction, okay?”


There was still a lot of food they wanted to eat.
Eating one thing had only increased their cravings for another.
William realized that if Imperial Japan perished, all the food they wanted to eat would most likely become unobtainable.


“Over… We absolutely have to defeat it before summer.” Emma renewed her resolve while gulping down the sashimi with rice.


“…Pardon me? Master, Madam? …Why are you eating the fish… raw…? Um? That’s still raw, isn’t it?”

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The maids, the servants, and even the cook were all bewildered.
There was no such culture of eating fish or meat raw in the Kingdom.
It was just disgusting.

But the strange thing was that the whole family seemed to enjoy eating that raw fish.
They were moving their chopsticks without hesitation or looking awkward too.



Around ten minutes ago…

When the three siblings returned to the kitchen with a sea bream, Itou asked,


“What an excellent fresh sea bream.
How do you like it prepared?”


” ” ” ” “Please make it into sashimi!!!” ” ” ” “


The family’s heart was connected as one.

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