From the Meowky Theme to the Cursed Blood [Part 2]

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“I think the miso will be ready next year.
We may have already perished by then, but knowing that we can pass down the taste of our motherland to everyone makes us very happy.
I will make the miso with all my heart, so that it will come out delicious.“


Miguel Tarou Chijiwa smiled at Emma with a refreshing smile, as if he had given up and would accept any misfortune that befell Imperial Japan.


“Don’t give me that kind of smile, Miguel.
We’ll definitely resolve it, so please have faith in us, okay? See, even the tailless whip scorpion-chans are working hard.“


Even in Imperial Japan, the swordsmiths worked as hard as they could to forge swords.
With the will to not give up as long as there was the slightest possibility of success, they aimed to make a sword with the same sharpness as the national treasure katana.


“Emma-sama… please don’t push yourself too hard.
I will feel very apologetic for letting you bear the fate of Imperial Japan.
We are already very thankful for the food aid you’ve given us.“




Perhaps it was because the Tarous were still young and hadn’t been attacked by the cats, but they accepted Koumei-san and the others very flexibly and worked hard at their cooking training every day.
They also voluntarily taught House Stuart’s cooks how to make dashi stock and cook rice with their still imperfect Kingdom language.
Not only that, the boys were popular with the maids, and even that Martha had sung praises of them.

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Emma couldn’t bear to see the end of Imperial Japan, which had raised such good children.
And rice too.


“Above all, just being able to see such wonderful insects is worth a lifetime for me.
…Ah, what a cute cephalothorax and abdominal line… The chelicerae has turned more splendid again, hasn’t it? Oh? Did you also train the four inner feet? I feel like they don’t wobble anymore and look stabler when doing the practice punches.“


“As expected of Miguel.
So you understand? You understand it well, don’t you? I thought it would be difficult to use more explosive power efficiently if they didn’t have steady feet that could withstand the impact.
So I tried changing the feed composition again.
I also increased the length of their morning and evening runs!“


“Indeed, strengthening the lower half of the body is also one of the crucial trainings in swordsmanship.
Emma-sama, can you tell me more about the composition of the modified feed?“


“Gladly, Miguel.
First, let the tailless whip scorpions drink a whole raw egg in one gulp…“


“Directly swallow… a raw egg… How novel…“


After sensing the four boys’ anxiety about Imperial Japan, Emma introduced them to the tailless whip scorpions, who were the pivot of the Over countermeasure plan.
No matter how adaptable these youngsters were, they were still stunned silly when facing the insects for the first time.
Among the four, only one boy, Miguel, was looking at the tailless whip scorpions with bright, sparkling eyes.

For Emma, it was the moment she made her first insect buddy.

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“Can you teach me the composition of the silkworm feed next time?“


“That is our trade secret, Miguel.“


“Trade…? Ah, so it’s a trade secret… What a shame.
Oh, then can you please show me Violet again? I want to see the spider with the beautiful purple color!“


“Fufufu, Violet seems to like you too, Miguel.“


Miguel would often have lively conversations about insects with Emma during his break time, and the two totally became friends.



The one who gave the Tarous their Kingdom-style names was Emma.
Despite naming being something that had to be done responsibly, Emma decided on their names casually without the slightest hesitation.


“Nee-sama, are you sure it’s all right to decide on their names so quickly?“

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“You didn’t even hesitate for a second…“


Even when William and George asked Emma to think about it a little more, she stayed firm.


“Eh? But of course, Itou should be Mancio, Hara should be Martinho, Nakaura is Julian, and Chijiwa is Miguel, right?“

[T/N: Mancio Itou, Martinho Hara, Julian Nakaura, and Miguel Chijiwa are members of the Tenshou Embassy, the first Japanese embassy to Europe.]


With a look that conveyed, ‘What are you guys saying? Isn’t it obvious?’ Emma left no room for reconsideration.
And for some reason, the four boys who came from Imperial Japan were happy about each of their names, and seemed to genuinely like them to a surprising degree.


“Hey, William, do you get how those names are supposed to be obvious?“


“Not in the slightest.
But the people themselves strangely like it… Ah, whatever.
Let’s just go with them.
I can’t go against Nee-sama.
‘Though I was thinking of something like Alexander or Napoleon…“


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“I also thought of Bruce or Jackie earlier…“


“ “Huh?” “


When two brothers were sharing the names they had painstakingly came up with with each other, they suddenly felt someone’s gaze.


“No… never…“


It turned out to be Emma’s cold stare.

And at the back were four Tarous who nodded in agreement with Emma.


It looked like the older and younger brother had inherited Kazushi’s cursed blood (zero naming sense).



Translator’s comment: George giving the name ‘Batman’ for a cat and ‘Bruce (Lee)’ and ‘Jackie (Chan)’ for boys is just…

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