Each of Them at That Time [Part 3]

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“Why, Your Majesty!!!”


Prince Edward pressed his father, the King, for an answer with a loud voice that was a little out of line with his calm and collected persona.


“Over has propagated, and they are only a few months away from perishing.
How could Your Majesty let the Stuart family go to Imperial Japan now, when it is most dangerous?!”


The truth only known to the Royal Family, some diplomats, and House Stuart, the “Imperial Japan’s destruction crisis”

Most of Imperial Japan’s land had been eroded by Over, and the elite troop (including Imperial Japan’s magician) that had gone out of the barrier had gone missing with their life and death unknown.

Going to Imperial Japan now was equivalent to putting your life at risk.


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“Calm down, Edward.
It was a request from the House of Count Stuart.
Countess Stuart visited Imperial Japan, and the country’s terrible state she had come to witness has grieved her deeply.
Thus she implored Count Stuart to help with the situation.”


“But even Emma too… Why do the children need to follow them to such a dangerous country as well?!”


“Edward, I believe you know about this best, don’t you?”


The King looked straight into his son’s eyes.


“—Urk!!! Emma is a kind child.
She will lend a hand to anyone suffering, even if those people are abroad.
However, Your Majesty!!! She will… that child will work herself too hard.
Her body is fragile! We don’t know whether she can endure the long sea trip and the changes in the environment after she arrives in Imperial Japan, do we?”


‘I don’t want Emma to suffer.

If possible, I want to take all her pain, and suffer in her stead.

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All the dangerous and unhappy things that may go her way, I want to bear it all in her stead.

I want to protect her with my own hands.’ thought Prince Edward in anguish.


“…I will go to Imperial Japan too!”


“Enough of your selfishness.”


The Queen, who was seated on the King’s right, scolded the Prince.


“It’s impossible for you to not know why the academy is on vacation for two months at this time of the year, when the weather is the most comfortable in the royal capital, right?”


The most crucial time of the Kingdom’s aristocratic society, the social season.
(House Stuart usually doesn’t participate)

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Important figures from different countries would also gather together at this time of year.

In this world where humans can only live in a limited area within the boundaries, trade between countries was indispensable.
Although Edward was only the second prince, a prince of this country was absolutely not allowed to be absent during this period.
Socializing with other nations was also one of the most important duties among that of the Royal Family’s responsibilities.


It was a shame that Imperial Japan had not opened itself up to the outside world earlier.
Otherwise, they might have been able to find a more fruitful method to deal with Over.


“E-Edward? I’m sure Emma-chan will be alright.
She will be back in good health by the beginning of the new semester.”


Prince Edward’s mother, Concubine Rose, who was sitting on the King’s left, spoke up in an attempt to soothe him.


“Edward, the House of Count Stuart is a family that has been hunting monsters on the borderland daily.
If there is anyone who can return safely from Imperial Japan, a country eroded by a monster, it can only be them.”


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In the end, the Prince’s request went unheeded.



“Joshua?! You, what did you just say?”


Joshua’s father, Daniel, who came to transport a large amount of Palacian silk to the royal capital in preparation for the social season, raised his voice in disbelief.


“I will go to Imperial Japan this summer vacation.”


“…There was a report that the Empire had a poor cotton harvest last year, so a price hike is almost certain.
I’ve told you about this before, haven’t I?”


Daniel looked at his son while rubbing his temples.

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