was to destroy any living thing, monsters, animals, plants, humans… that used to occupy the place and turn it into their nutrients!“


“Just as I had expected from you… William.
You have grown into such a decent person in this world… I’m so glad.“


“…Mother… please don’t make it sound like I was a bum in our past life…“


“Exactly, Melsa.
He was really nothing but a no-hoper in our past life…“





Fukushima was taken aback as he listened in on the family’s discussion. …What’s up with this family? Aren’t they far too ahead of what the Imperial Japanese researchers have come up with after desperately researching Over? They have thought up of such a detailed hypothesis after only seeing the seeds fly once?

Huh? Huhh? Just what is this family?

…No, firstly, we should evacuate.

I must make sure this family returns to the Kingdom safely.


“Pardon me, but it is dangerous when the seeds start preparing for germination, so let’s evacuate at once.” Fukushima urged them once more as it was best to leave this place as fast as they could.


“Ah, Fukushima-sama.
If you’re talking about the seeds, I got one here.


George lifted one of his hands while replying to Fukushima.

His hand was clasping an Over seed which was covered by a thin layer of white fur-like thing.




“It’s kinda like a baseball.
How nostalgic.“


George, who used to be in the baseball club in their previous life, started posing like a pitcher.


“Yo! Nii-sama! That’s so cool!


“Eight! Left!“


“Huh? Wasn’t Nii-sama’s uniform number 7?“


“Nee-sama, eight is the batting order.“


“Then can’t the uniform number also be 8?“


“Nee-sama, those were the position numbers, so…“


“Eh? But like Ichiro was 51(?), right? I thought baseball was played by nine players, no?“


“That, um, he is that pro, right…“


“Numbers in baseball are so confusing.
Oh, then is batting order #8 amazing or something?” 


“Eh? #8… is… umm…“


William looked back and forth between his older brother and sister in a fluster.


“Just leave it at that, Emma.“


Leonard softly put his hand on George’s shoulder and ended the siblings’ conversation on baseball.


“Sorry, it’s because I got carried away and posed like a pitcher…“

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