Ryuubi’s foresight can’t be overturned.

If so, then let’s go to the world that will snatch Minato’s soul.

Let’s wait for Minato there.

Cats have nine lives.

The fact that I almost became a Nekomata was a godsend.

If you become a Nekomata, you can live [nine lives].

If I have eight more lives, I can live eight more times, and I can find as many ways as I can.

I can be a Nekomata, a monster cat, or even a god.

Let’s wait for Minato while gathering enough strength.

I will be away for a while, but it’s for us to meet again.



Yoriko calls out to me.

I don’t have any strength to answer.


Death is drawing near.

It’s nothing.
If you think of this as the first of the nine times.

My body is beginning to stiffen.

It’s nothing.
It’s the first death out of the nine times.

I can hear footsteps.

Minato came home from school.

After Koumei became unable to move, she runs back home every day.

Her face reddens, and she runs out of breath, every day, every day.

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Even so, today’s the last, right.

Minato, it will only be for a while.
I will become stronger and come to get you.

Let’s have an afternoon nap together again?

Minato’s tears fall in large drops.

Minato’s tears that I haven’t seen in a long time.
You don’t have to cry, don’t cry.

I will definitely come to pick you up.


Minato is calling.

Minato is calling.

M i n a t o i s c a l l i n g.


Yoriko gazes at me in wonderment.

Even though I never gave a response for a long time, even though I thought I would die like going to sleep.

The cat who desperately responds to Minato’s call was here.

I shouldn’t have that kind of power left anywhere.

“Koumei-san please-“

“Koumei-san, don’t go-“

“Koumei-san, I love you!”

“Koumei-san, don’t… die-!”

“Don’t leave me… Please… I beg you-“

“Don’t… go anywhere…”

“To die… No… I don’t want it! …”

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Minato is crying.

Don’t cry.

Minato, Minato.

It’s alright.
It’s alright, you know.

I also love you.

I like you very much.

Minato, the next time we meet, I will be even stronger.

We will be apart only for a little while.
Just a little while.

But you know, the truth is.

I want to be always, always be with you.

Hey Minato, don’t cry.
I will come back quickly… all right?

I will definitely, definitely come back.

With Minato, with Minato, with Minato, always with Mina…to…



The cat wakes up.

I had a dream from a very distant past.

I lovingly wrap the body of the girl who is sleeping beside me.

The girl whose hair color, eye color, name, and her everything have changed, but even so, she’s Minato.

We will always be together from now on.

Always, always be with you.


T/N: Ryuubi or Liu Bei in Chinese was the founder of the Chinese Shu Han dynasty and its first emperor.
Shokatsu Koumei or Zhuge Liang in Chinese is a Chinese strategist that served under Liu Bei to strengthen Shu Han.
He is considered the most popular Chinese hero in history.

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