The Kingdom Enters the Social Season [Part 2]


Dignitaries of various countries invited to the Kingdom were captivated by the young people’s dance and sighed in admiration.


As the pair, which consisted of a tall gentleman and a tall young lady, danced in perfect harmony, they exuded star quality that could overwhelm their surroundings.
The young lady’s wine-red dress had also adorned her well-trained body brilliantly.


Next to them, the dignitaries were greeted by the sight of the Kingdom’s Second Prince dancing with a young lady.
They caught the rhythm perfectly, and no matter how hard the dance was, their steps never went off beat.
The high-level skills the two displayed weren’t something people came across very often.
The young lady’s delicate fluffy cream dress had also fluttered lightly without hindering those moves.


Dancing beside them were girls with silver hair and tan skin who appeared to be twins.
They were spinning around while laughing cheerily.
Their emerald green and pale aqua dresses with novel designs even gave people the illusion that they were two fish dancing at the bottom of the sea.
And, honestly speaking, the sight of two girls chattering and giggling was seriously the best.


“…It seems we have been given a display of the Kingdom’s superiority,” muttered one of the dignitaries.


‘A country is its people.’

The star quality of the tall gentleman and young lady would surely manifest itself in all its glory when they took on influential positions within the country in the future.

Dance in high society was no longer merely just an etiquette.
The national power needed to nurture a high level of education was not something that could be achieved overnight.

As for the ‘sight for sore eyes’ beauty x beauty combo…


The splendor of the dresses they wore was what could be expected of the ‘Palacian Silk Country’.

[T/N: In case anyone forgot, ‘Palacian Silk Country’ is the Kingdom’s nickname.
(It was previously translated as ‘Palace Silk Country’)]

It went without saying that the silk quality was top-notch, but also, what was that dyeing technique? It had produced such delicate use of colors and splendid shading.
That, and added with the innovative designs that wouldn’t lose out to the colors.


It came upon these dignitaries that they had to change their perception that the Kingdom was only a country of agriculture and silk.

People, etiquette, technology, and beauties.

The Kingdom had everything a country needed.


And, more than anything else…

The dignitaries secretly glanced at the throne placed on a slightly higher platform.
It had been arranged that the Queen and Royal Concubine would attend the daily evening parties in turns.
Today, the one sitting next to the King was the Royal Concubine, Rose Alicia Royal.


On the lemon-colored fabric of her dress, green beads were arranged in a way that reminded people of intertwined vines.

Just when people were about to talk about how lovely her dress was, the Royal Concubine turned around to call for her maid.
The back side of the dress that looked very lovely on the front had a bold design that exposed her beautiful back.
With almost no fabric on the back side, her back was only vaguely hidden by tiny beads twined from one side to the other.




Everyone was at a loss for words at how bewitching it was.

-Who was it? Who said that the Kingdom’s Royal Concubine was vulgar and unrefined?!

-Who was it? Who said that the Kingdom’s Royal Concubine was a wicked spendthrift of a woman?!


His Majesty whispered something into her ears, and she immediately turned shy as a conspicuous blush appeared on her face.
That, and the kind smile she had when speaking to the maid earlier.
Plus that miraculous dynamite body.


All mankind, young and old, men and women, should have shouted, “PRECIOUS!” …at that moment.


The Royal Concubine’s beauty was a testament to the King’s power.
The King must be highly capable to be able to marry a goddess like that.


The Kingdom… is not to be underestimated. The dignitaries thought.


Perhaps the era when the Empire was the most dominant country would soon end.
The Empire made a fortune from cotton cultivation, which required vast land, but now the country had been rumored to be ridden with armed conflicts.

As the party went on, the dignitaries were convinced that maybe it was time to re-examine their current diplomatic plan.


No one knew that the evaluations of the Kingdom from various countries had shot up inadvertently because Emma’s friends danced and blushed in the dresses Emma had made.

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