Miscalculation [Part 2]


It took several minutes for the samurais to calm down and be able to hold a conversation.


“C-Can you please explain this to us, Melsa-dono?“


After drinking all the water he brought in one go, Fukushima sought an explanation from Melsa.
He had just regained his composure and intentionally avoided looking at Emma and the insects.


“I apologize that my daughter has startled everyone.
Fukushima-sama, those insects have recently been Emma’s favorite insects.“


“Those things are… insects?“


Although they are a little on the big side, they are indeed insects.“


“…A little…?“


“Although they are kind of big… considerably big, they are indeed insects.“


Seeing the haggard looks of not only Fukushima, but other samurais too, who traveled together with them, Melsa corrected herself.


“My daughter has loved insects since she was young, you see.“


“Well, isn’t my insect-loving daughter the cutest?” Leonard scratched his head shyly with a doting expression on his face.


(No! No one is praising her, though?!!)

The samurais thought in sync.


“Whenever my daughter keeps an insect, it would occasionally? seldomly? oftentimes? turn gigantic for some reason, so…“


“It’s a little troubling.” Melsa tilted her head while holding her cheek with her hand.


(Things would turn huge that often?! Huh? Those insects are more than a meter long, though?!)

The samurais’ minds had already reached 100% synchronization.


“Isn’t my daughter and the insects too pitiful if they are separated when we go to Imperial Japan?“


While nodding deeply at Melsa’s words, Leonard said yet another indulgent line with a sheepish smile.


(Even so, you didn’t have to bring them all the way here…)


“Even so, you didn’t have to bring them all the way here, did you?!“


Fukushima couldn’t hold back and raised his voice a little.


“Fukushima-sama? I brought these children along to defeat Over, you know?“


Because he raised his voice, Emma also heard what he said to the Stuart couple.




When Fukushima turned around, he saw that the wriggling insects, Emma, and the big calico cat were now right behind him.




“Koumei-san, get the insects in position!“












Cued by the cat’s yell, the insects formed a line.


” ” “Huh? HUUHHHHH?!” ” “


The numerous insects that had been crawling around disorderly had lined up in a neat and orderly manner.


Emma and Koumei slowly moved closer to Over as they weaved their way through the shocked and agape samurais.


“Wha—! Lady Emma, you should not get any closer… than… that!“


“Koumei-san and the insects, Crane Wing Formation!“










“He—! Help…“


The tailless whip scorpions cut across the samurais at once and moved in front of Emma and Koumei.
They moved into a different formation from the previous straight line in an organized fashion without any unnecessary movements.
Facing Over, they slowly turned into V-shape. 


“C-Crane Wing Formation…?“


Upon hearing that name, Fukushima was reminded of a battle formation that was said to have been devised by the now-gone Hua Kingdom to defeat the monsters.
After the destruction of the Hua Kingdom, its existence became a legend whose traces were only left in several books.
It was supposed to be lost knowledge.



…the huge, disgusting insects before me have recreated it splendidly.


“Our target!!! It is the Over in the middle of doing a perfect Ina Bauer[1]!!! Attack!“


“Mew mew meww!“


The cat shouted upon hearing Emma’s instructions, and the insects marched ahead without moving out of their battle formation.
Raising their large scissors-like arms overhead, they charged at Over without hesitation.


Hm? Ina Bauer?


The huge insects caught Over.

And those scissors-like arms that weren’t proportional to the body had…!





…crushed Over to pieces.


…That’s right.


They c.r.u.s.h.e.d it.


It had been s.m.a.s.h.e.d to smithereens.




Neither Fukushima nor the samurais could immediately process what they had come to witness.

That Over was so easily crushed, it was like it was nothing.


They couldn’t utter a single sound.




Instead, Emma’s distressed cry echoed throughout the place.



Author’s words: The tailless whip scorpions (accidentally) crushed Over (LOL)

Emma said “Crane Wing Formation!” with the smuggest look ever, but because she stood at the very front, nobody saw it and made a retort…

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