Cat-ching by Meowcom [Part 2]



” ” ” “Meo~www♪” ” ” “


Then, they rolled the seeds deftly and brought them over to Emma.


“Wow! Everyone is so awesome!“


” ” ” “Meow!” ” ” “


“This is a piece of cake, meow.” the cats responded proudly to Emma.
The seeds in the cats’ soft paws showed no sign of bursting.


“Hmm… sure enough, the impact of the fall is the impetus for the seeds to burst open, isn’t it?“


Emma tried knocking on the hard capsule, but there was no reaction.




The cats seemed to like Over‘s capsule that could be rolled around easily.
They also found the capsule of the stem that the tailless whip scorpions had destroyed and brought it over to Emma.


“Oh, wow… the seed remains unscratched even when the stem has been smashed to bits, huh?“


William looked up at Over‘s capsules that had gradually piled up around Emma.


“Kan-chan!!! Be careful!“




Over, which had clustered over a wide area and was still very lush, started attacking the approaching cats without mercy.
Kan-chan, especially, was in greater danger because he kept entangling himself with Over aggressively.


Ignoring George’s worries, Kan-chan continued dribbling the capsule with his front feet while dodging Over‘s attacks with ease.



“They evaded… Over‘s attacks?“


Over‘s leaf attacks, which had been troubling Fukushima and the other samurais for so long, were unable to hit the cats at all.


“Cats… are stronk…“


“…Cats…? And the seeds?“


“They are cats… right?“


The samurais could only speak their thoughts in small mutters upon seeing the scene before them, which was beyond any of their understanding and imagination.





Kan-chan collected all the crushed pieces of the capsule, and then looked at Emma.


“Eh? You want to gather some more?“


The cats, who hadn’t moved their bodies during the long sail, were now itching to play.


“Meow meow!”


“Catching the flying seeds is fun.
Grabbing the round things while dodging the leaves is also fun.
That’s why, let’s have the tailless whip scorpions crush Over quickly, ‘kay?“


“Meow! Meow♪”


“We wanna play, we wanna play,” the cats pleaded with Emma.


“…Hold on for a second.
This here, you see, will be used to make cans, okay? If we crush all of them…“


“Meow! Meo-meow!”


“‘Yup, we also want to eat canned cat food, but now we just want to play’ …was it?“




Could Emma refuse the pleading calls from the four cats?

Of course, she couldn’t.


“The tailless whip scorpions should once again enter the Crane Wing Formation! Let the cats do whatever they like!“


“Meo~w♪ Meow!”


And thus, the tailless whip scorpions’ one-sided slaughter of Over recommenced.


Fukushima saw that while the samurais were once again filled with hope, the family, on the other hand, was consoling Emma, who drooped her head dejectedly. 


“Emma-dono… is there something weighing your mind?” spoke Fukushima.


The tailless whip scorpions destroyed the stems of Over at an astounding speed, and the cats immediately caught up to grab the balls happily.
They would also occasionally catch the capsules that flew in the air with a *boing*.


“Fukushima-sama… I was thinking of processing Over… but Tailless Whip Scorpion-chans can’t do anything but crush it…“


“Haah…” Emma sighed.


“Huh? Processing? It’s a monster, you know?“


“Does Imperial Japan not make the utmost use of the hunted monsters?“


“Hunt? Monsters are meant to be exterminated.
We will not make use of it whatsoever!“


Fukushima shook his head as if saying “Unbelievable”.


“Eh? You don’t… eat monsters?“


“What? You eat monsters?!“


” ” ” ” “Eh? You don’t eat them?!” ” ” ” “


The Stuart family shouted in unison.


The family’s first cross-cultural communication in Imperial Japan, a country very similar to their previous world’s Japan, was what was deemed unthinkable in the Kingdom, that being the culture of not eating monsters.



Author’s note: Kitty three flips…

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