Canned Food [Part 2]


“The number of convenient devices has increased considerably in recent years because we happen to have all the three important conditions needed for development: a magician, magic stones, and even a genius inventor… Wait, what were we talking about again?“


Fukushima only learned that the depletion of magic stones was a grave problem in other countries a few months ago.
He had never paid attention to other countries until Imperial Japan faced the destruction crisis.


Melsa told Fukushima matter-of-factly that every country was desperately trying to obtain magic stones.
It was in line with the information he heard from Imperial Prince Tasuku that other countries’ desire for magic stones was far beyond that of the Imperial Japanese people’s imagination.


‘However, the Stuart family is an exception.

Only the Stuart family desires rice so stubbornly.
From the young children to the head of the family, their eyes sparkle not when looking at magic stones, but at rice.

And they also seemed to have taken action to save Imperial Japan just for the sake of rice.
‘Though such ridiculous thoughts can’t possibly be true.

Imperial Japan’s magic stones are abundant now, but one day, the veins will also run dry.

They understand the importance of magic stones more than anyone else.
They must be thinking of ways to prevent our magic stones from being exploited.
I’m sure that rice was nothing more than an excuse.

Such a wise and kind family…’


While Fukushima was glorifying the Stuart family in his mind, the tailless whip scorpions were pulverizing Over, and the cats were catching, rolling, and collecting the capsules.


Fukushima realized that the sun had started to set.
He thought he should let Emma and William, who seemed to have lower stamina, rest properly now because they didn’t get to have any during the carriage stop.
Perhaps the reason why Emma and William were so into the talk about food earlier was also because they were hungry.
Due to the fact that they were still children, he took out the snack he kept inside his breast pocket for times of emergency and gave it to them.


“Emma-dono, William-dono, I only have this on me now.
Would you like to eat it?“


” “!!! Eh?! EEHH?!” “


Emma and William’s eyes turned round in astonishment when they looked at the snack.
The thing Fukushima took out from his breast pocket was, unexpectedly, canned peaches.


“Is this… canned peaches?!“


“Eh? Canned peaches?“


“Huh? Canned peaches?“


“C-Canned peaches… canned peaches?!“


The other members of the Stuart family, who turned to look at the canned peaches after hearing Emma and William’s exclamation, also opened their eyes wide in surprise and ran over.


“Ohh! Everyone also knows what ‘canned food’ is, I see… Ah, that reminds me, Melsa-dono has cooked in Edo Castle’s kitchen.
The kitchen there will always have some in stock.


Once the family heard Fukushima say, ‘That reminds me…’ they all stared at Melsa at once.






Melsa put her index finger between her eyebrows as she tried to recall her vague memories. Edo Castle’s… kitchen… The kitchen knife… is sharp and easy to use… Inside the cupboard… was… canned food… huh?


“Yes, they have some… probably.“


“ ” “Mother?!” ” “


We have gone to great lengths to train the tailless whip scorpions for the sake of canned food… Why didn’t you remember it back then?! Emma felt indignant.


“That’s because, you know, having canned food in the kitchen is normal.
Nothing special…“


Because it sat on the cupboard very naturally, it didn’t catch her attention.




Emma gave Melsa a reproachful look.

That’s right, everyone in the Tanaka family was just as disappointing.

Even the most reliable Melsa had also gone and done it.
It would sometimes turn out to be an amazing blunder at that too.

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