Daniel Works Hard!


“…I refuse.”


Daniel’s face darkened as he sighed.

He had not shaken his head in front of the Imperial merchants, who came to the Kingdom while taking advantage of the social season, once.

Although he had heard about it from the rumors, the price of cotton fabric this year was simply outrageous.
And the worst part was that its quality was awful too.
When he compared it to House Stuart’s silk, which he saw almost every day, he could only say it had a difference of heaven and earth.


The uneven texture felt stiff and uncomfortable to the skin, and the fabric was so yellow that it made Daniel wonder if the decent ones were left in the back of the warehouse.
If the cotton cloth were like this, even the hemp cloth Joshua prepared was still better.
His son said that the hemp cloth was made by the slum children, but because the Stuart family taught them how to weave in person before they left for Imperial Japan, the finished product turned out to be very neat.


“Rothschild Company Head, your main source of income is silk, am I right? We cannot be the only ones making a purchase, can we? We have even gathered some such cotton cloth amid the shortage of cotton supplies in the Empire.
I also hope to feel your sincerity, you see.”


Seeming as if he wanted to take advantage of the situation and the Rothschild Company, the fat Imperial merchant began half-persuading, and half-threatening Daniel.

Silk was a luxury, while cotton was a daily necessity.
No matter how you looked at it, the Kingdom’s side seemed to be at the disadvantage.


“Well, I think the quality of cotton will also return to normal next year, so you could buy it at our asking price.
After all, business is all about give-and-take.
How about it?”


“…I refuse.”


“Wha-! Are you fully aware of what you are saying?!”


“Does the sincerity of imperial merchants mean selling inferior goods at a high price? Unfortunately, the Rothschild Company will never do business and sell these inferior products to its customers.
I will sell you silk if you want to buy it, but I will not buy the cotton because this cotton cloth does not meet our sought-after quality.”


“Okay, that’s enough! I will never do business with your company again! You will never be able to change my mind, got that?!”


*STOMP STOMP* The Imperial merchant left the Rothschild Company with loud footsteps.


Daniel held his head.


“Daniel-sama, are you alright?” A shop employee asked worriedly.


Every single one of the Kingdom’s citizens, from the nobles to the commoners, were the Rothschild Company’s customers.
Without cotton, the commoners would have trouble finding clothes.
They would manage somehow for a year, but after being refused, the imperial merchant had already given a parting threat with a firm attitude that he would never buy silk again.


“…Well, it’s that.
Palacian silk is sold exclusively by us.
Even in the Kingdom, the quality is totally different from the silk from other territories.
I’m sure the imperial nobles who have had many contacts with Palacian silk will never be satisfied with other territories’ silk.”


“The imperial merchants are overly obsessed with their profits to the point that they don’t take their customers’ demands into account,” Daniel smiled at the anxious shop employee.


“So it’s like that?”


“It’s exactly like that.”


Right, Joshua?

…Otherwise, I’m a little worried about the Rothschild Company’s bright future.

Although Daniel was also somewhat concerned, he didn’t let it show on his face.


Even Daniel wouldn’t pick a fight with an imperial merchant as he liked.
It wasn’t like he couldn’t understand what the imperial merchant meant by sincerity either.
Being broad-minded and tolerant was also part of being a merchant too.


If he hadn’t had the hemp cloth that Joshua prepared to substitute cotton before he departed for Imperial Japan, he would probably have bought that coarse cotton cloth.


“Even so, this hemp cloth is amazing, isn’t it?”


The hemp cloth Joshua ordered from the slums, which renovation hadn’t been completed yet, had neat weavings and turned out to be soft to the touch after a meticulous manufacturing process.

And, more than anything…


“I have only seen such brightly colored dyeing on the fabric of young noble ladies’ dresses.”


The cloth was dyed in vivid colors, which was hard to do without time and labor.
There were also some wonderful pieces of cloth with flower patterns and cat patterns.


“And to be able to sell it at a lower price than the cotton we usually sell… Joshua-sama‘s talent is truly terrifying.”


“Whether it’s the social season or whatever season, I’ll definitely go to Imperial Japan,” leaving those words behind, Daniel’s son followed the Stuart family abroad.
He did that after making thorough preparation of the substitute for cotton.

My son is really amazing when he goes all out, especially so when Lady Emma is involved.
It’s to the point that it even scares me. Daniel thought as he was reminded of his son.


“That boy… has created an era where the Kingdom’s commoners have become fashion-conscious and enjoy dressing up with just a wave of his hand…”


Colorful clothes at a cheap price.

The beginning of the fast-fashion era would soon arrive in the Kingdom.



Author’s words: A big success for Harold-san‘s ink.

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