Armored Boars [Part 1]


Several armored boars charged towards Leonard and George, who were standing before them.
It was as if those armored boars had locked onto them as their targets


George licked his dry lips and raised his sword.

The parts of the hard-skinned armored boars a sword could pierce through were the eyes, mouth, ears, and butthole.
The inner part of the joints was also relatively soft, but Emma had told him to refrain from stabbing that part so that they could eat the boars in their most delicious state.

George took a deep breath and determined his aim.
The best way to cause fatal injuries was to reach the brain through the eyes, but an armored boar’s headbutt was quite impactful and dangerous, so he also needed to think about how to dodge them as well…


“Meow ♪”


When George held his sword tight, ready to attack the armored boar rushing towards him, Kan-chan suddenly jumped out in front of him and hit its side with a cat punch.




As lethal as it had always been, Kan-chan‘s silent cat punch blew the armored boar away.
The cat punch’s impact from the side disrupted the momentum of the headbutt, and the armored boar began spinning upside down at ultrahigh-speed from the moment it was blown away.


“George! If you don’t move faster than the cats, your prey will all be stolen, y’know?”


Leonard jumped on an armored boar’s back, stabbed its eye from above, then reminded his son.


“Tell me that earlier, Father! All the armored boars already look like they are in a coma.“


The remaining armored boars had already been handled by Kan-chan and turned into a spinning mess.


“Yikes, even though I too have only defeated one! Kan-chan, leave some for us, will you?!“




“Never mind that… how do we stop this?!“


Thanks to Kan-chan‘s active participation, their first hunt in a while was over in an instant.

After Kan-chan stopped the armored boars from spinning, they didn’t move a twitch.
Perhaps it was because they had gotten a concussion from the cat punch or were dizzy from the spin.


“Armored boars will spin if you apply force from the side when they are charging forward… It may be better to also report this after we return to the royal capital.“


William nodded with a dead serious face.


“William… apart from the cats, isn’t that impossible for anyone to do?“


Melsa tilted her head with an even more dead-serious face.

Normal people wouldn’t stand a chance against a head-on charge attack.
It was exactly because he was Leonard, the highly experienced borderland lord in charge of the Kingdom’s best hunters, that he could defeat them so easily.


And once again, Fukushima and the samurais were revived from despair.


“Armored boars… with a single blow… And here I thought I wouldn’t be surprised no matter what I saw…“


“Um, Fukushima-sama? Are the Kingdom people humans?“


“Oi, if you’re going to say that, you should’ve asked ‘Are those cats… cats?’ first.“


“…There’s also… the insects, y’know?“


“Just what on earth do I have to eat… to be able to move like that…“



Indifferent to Fukushima and the samurai’s extreme confusion, Melsa issued the family brisk instructions.


“There’s no time to rest! Freshness is everything for the armored boars’ meat.
Leonard and George, you two drain the blood and remove the internal organs.
William will cut the ingredients, and Emma and I will do the cooking preparation!“


” ” ” “Roger!” ” ” “


Not caring whether or not that was the end of the instructions, the family replied cheerfully and started moving, as if to cut into Melsa’s words.


“Ah, Fukushima-sama and everyone too! We will get busy from now on! Please help us! For the sake of delicious meat!“


Emma looked at Fukushima while gathering Over‘s debris.


“As Mother said, freshness is everything for armored boars’ meat! I wish there were some convenient items like an Item Bag in this world!“


Fukushima saw that the whole family acted so promptly that it wasn’t an overstatement to say that it was the most efficient they had ever been today.


“…So you really eat monsters? It’s not a joke?“


Until just a few decades ago, Imperial Japan had the culture of not eating four-legged animals.
There were still some among the senior citizens who supported that idea too.

To eat monsters… It was just unimaginable for the Imperial Japanese.


“What are you saying, Fukushima-sama? The next thing Imperial Japan needs to overcome after hunting Over is the food shortage, right? Not eating such delicious meat just because it’s a monster… you don’t have this option, okay?” spoke Emma aggressively as she drew closer to the flabbergasted Fukushima.


“W-We have to eat the monsters too?!“

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