Armored Boars [Part 2]


“W-We have to eat the monsters too?!“


“Of course, you have to! Can’t you see those plump, enticing armored boars?“


What Emma was pointing at were the highly-praised armored boars, whose blood and internal organs were currently splattered all over the ground by Leonard and George’s hands.


“How gruesome…“


Fukushima diverted his eyes from that terrible scene.


“Fukushima-sama! You’re not even a girl or a child.
What are you going to do when even this scares you? Armored boars are pretty much wild boars, aren’t they? Processing orcs is much more grotesque than this, okay?“


Some frightening words came from both a girl and a child, Emma.


“Y-Y-You even eat orcs?! It’s an orc, you know?! It’s a humanoid… It resembles humans, y’know?!“


Not only Fukushima, but the samurais, began to tremble.


“Orcs are similar to pigs too! Even fishes don’t swim around in the form of filets! Look and remember it clearly, everyone.
Look clearly and spread it to every Imperial Japanese!“


Emma turned strict when it came to food.


“Nee-sama, um, I think you shouldn’t force it too much…“


William, who was cutting the armored boar’s nose, felt sorry for Fukushima and the samurais and gave them timely help.


“Emma, I think rejection will always exist until people get used to it completely, won’t it?“


George, who had finished draining and removing the armored boars’ blood and internal organs, shook off the blood on his sword and asked Emma to give them a break.

It was Emma’s habit to lose sight of her surroundings whenever there was something delicious or something she was curious about in front of her.
Nobody could stop her once she had entered that mode either.


“Nii-sama and William too, don’t seem to realize the gravity of this matter, do you?“


“What hopeless guys,” Emma sighed.


“What is it, Nee-sama?“


“What the matter, Emma?“


William and George tilted their heads in puzzlement.


“This place is Imperial Japan!“


” “? So?” “


“They have soy sauce, you know?“


” “Yeah, so?” “


“If we have soy sauce, we can stew the armored boars! Which also means we can eat Mother’s special [Soy-Braised Boar]!“


” “W-What did you say—?!!!“


William and George gulped.

The soy-braised boar Yoriko made was perfection.
It wasn’t merely food, it was an art.

In the countryside, where wild boars frequently appeared, it was a dish they could only eat once in a while when the local hunters shared their game with the people.
It was that one dish that could get them to start drinking beer non stop once they ate it.


“Moreover, if orcs appear, we can even eat Mother’s [Black Tea-Braised Pork]!“


” “Wha… What… was… that…?!” “


Drool started dripping from William and George’s mouths.

The Black-Tea Braised Pork Yoriko made every time they returned to their parents’ house…

For the three siblings, that dish was the very definition of the taste of mom’s cooking.


“Fukushima-sama, let’s learn how to drain the blood and internal organs of the armored boars right away.
Let’s learn it right this instant!“


“Huh? Right now?“


“After that, we will teach you how to cut up a whole orc, so you know what to do if it appears in the future.




William and George changed sides in a flash.


“No, well that, uh?“


“It will be a loss of a lifetime if you don’t eat Mother’s braised dish beforehand, you know?“


“Eh? Ah, um?“


“No, wait.
Should we go and look for an orc now?“




Giving in to the three siblings’ pressure, Fukushima and the samurais ended up also helping the family cut up and cook the armored boars.


Under Emma’s instruction, the crushed pieces of Over were spread out on the ground, and the rack to roast the armor boars was made.
When they wanted to start a fire, the fire magic stones the samurais brought came in handy.


“Ah, that’s right! You should steam the armored boars with their hard-skinned backs facing down and cover them with a lid! Monster’s meat will bruise quickly if we don’t cook it at once, so be careful!“


“You can’t! Please keep the cut on the throat as small as you can! The deliciousness of the meat depends on how little blood is drained.“


“Ah! Not there, but here.
You can cut the nose cleanly from here.
This can be used as the material for shields, so preferably, you should cut it as straight as possible.“



While the tailless whip scorpions crushed Over, the samurais under Fukushima received a lecture on the methods of handling, eating, and making use of monsters from the Stuart family.
And this lecture continued until the next day, the next, next day, and the next, next, next day. 

The tailless whip scorpions crushed Over → Monsters appeared → Defeated → Eaten.

This cycle continued until Over was gone, and by the end of the academy’s summer vacation, monster meat and its recipes had become widespread among Imperial Japan’s citizens.
Not only that, even their food shortage problem had been resolved without them realizing it.



Author’s words: A family whose driving force was basically food.

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