they were on the ship headed to Imperial Japan, Emma never ceased to give Imperial Prince Tasuku encouragement.
With an angelic smile, she kept telling him that Imperial Japan would definitely be alright.
She also said to leave everything to her and her family because they would make rice harvest possible in no time.


“Fufufu, the colony of Over was on a larger scale than I expected, and it took a long time.“


Despite living in a camp for a month, Emma’s skin remained lustrous.
Perhaps it was because she had been eating monster meat like armored boars and orcs with its high-quality oil content.
As she was also freed from the royal capital’s stiff etiquette, she couldn’t help but keep laughing to herself that this was the best summer vacation ever.


Furthermore, the previously empty area around the propagation place of Over had undergone a drastic transformation under the influence of the Stuart family’s not-so-lax camping life together with Joshua’s efforts.


It all started when the cats found a hot spring while digging.

The former construction foreman, George, and the DIY hobbyist, Leonard, built everything from the bathtub to the building using Over‘s rubble.

They learned that Over would produce an adhesive-like mucus when boiled in seawater from the siblings’ experiments at their home in the royal capital.
They were thinking of making cans from that at first, but now they had to give up on that plan because Over, which had been crushed into rubble, didn’t look like it could be used as a container.


“I wonder if it might have been better if we hardened it in a mold and used it like a brick?”


Right after hearing what Emma said, Joshua, who had just joined the family, directly drove a carriage to fetch seawater.
While waiting for Joshua, George drew some blueprints.


A hot spring, cafeteria, and rest area were built quickly one after another with the hard work and cooperation of the Rothschild Company’s staff, the Stuart family, and the samurais.


Over’s propagation place had already been transformed into a mini village before they realized it.



Translator’s comment: At this point, I’m more convinced that the Tanakas have been reincarnated into Harvest Moon rather than an otome game.

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