Outcome [Part 3]


“You did this much in a month?“


Mitsunari Ishida, who accompanied the Emperor and the Shogun on the trip, looked up at the building made of Over.


“I was also surprised at how versatile and easy-to-handle Over was as a building material.“


“The buildings were finished in no time once the Over bricks were made.” George laughed.


“No, I mean… do you have the leisure to do this…?” The Shogun was astonished.


“To be honest, we were really free during this period because Over and the monsters that occasionally appeared were all defeated by the tailless whip scorpions and cats, so…“


“We ended up building a lot,” Leonard replied while scratching his head.

There was no rest for the poor.

This family basically couldn’t stay still when they had nothing to do.


“We apologize for building these arbitrarily without permission.” Melsa put her hand on her left cheek and smiled apologetically.

Their original intention was to restore everything to its previous empty state when they were done defeating Over as if nothing ever existed so they wouldn’t get caught.
But they had unintentionally built the buildings a little too sturdy, and were now unable to tear them down.


“Pardon me, Your Imperial Majesty.
About Over‘s rubble… Will it be alright if we bring some back to the Kingdom?” William asked, pointing to the pile of Over‘s rubble for the Emperor to have a look.




Due to various reasons, prices of building materials in the royal capital have skyrocketed.
The House of Stuart has taken over new territory, and we would like to use the rubble there…“


Any business related to construction was booming in the royal capital because of the renovation work needed for buildings destroyed in the coup.
When the price of building materials soared, the Stuart family, who only knew the market price in Palace, thought, ‘That will be too expensive.’ After all, all the buildings in the slums were tattered.
Their walls, roofs, roads, and basically everything was not in a decent condition.
They needed building materials in large amounts.


“T-Take as much as you like.
…It’s a little inappropriate for us to ask for this in exchange, but could you teach us how to use Over’s rubble as a building material too?“


The Emperor put forth one condition as he nodded.
Imperial Japan had many buildings destroyed by the Over‘s seeds too.
Seeing them make a small village in just one month with a small number of people, he, by all means, wanted to know this construction engineering method for the sake of his people who had lost their homes.

Because there was so much of Over‘s rubble, it could pile into a small mountain.


“Thank you very much! Fukushima-san and the samurais also helped us, so I think they’ve already roughly grasped the methods.
Oh, I will also leave the blueprints drawn by my older brother and older sister here.“


William thanked the Emperor with a beaming face.
And then, he talked to an empty space.


“Isn’t that great, Hue?”


“Yeah, Big Bro Harold must be delighted too!”


A boy suddenly appeared out of nowhere with a whoosh.




The boy was Huey from the slums, who once stole George’s monster karuta.


In the House of Stuart, Huey was assigned to attend to the ninjas.
This was the most popular job, the dream of many slum boys.

While Hue was attending to the ninjas, Hanzou discovered his talent and started teaching him ninjutsu.
The secret art of ninjutsu was supposed to be kept hidden within the organization and not taught indiscriminately to outsiders.
But when Emma asked them, “Can you teach Hue? Please?” with upturned eyes and a pot of corn soup… no ninja could bear to turn her down.




“I-I deeply apologize!“


Hanzou suddenly appeared in response to the Shogun’s call in a prostrating pose.


“When I taught him easy basic ninjutsu, he did it all perfectly as if he found them interesting, so… ‘How about this?’ ‘Or this?’ as we kept trying other skills, it turned out to be fun, and I just unintentionally…“


As a result, Hue had learned the treasured secret art of ninjutsu from Imperial Japan’s No.
1 elite ninja group.

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