ill slumping his shoulders.
Joshua would be the only one who did his best to support Emma’s wishes.


“Speaking of which, I guess it’s about time you introduce us to the ones who defeated Over, the insects and the cats?“


The Shogun asked Leonard to bring them to see the leading actors who ended the plant hazard, a monster disaster that Imperial Japan couldn’t do anything about, in just one short month.
As far as he could see, there were no creatures similar to the descriptions nearby.


“Eh? …You want to see them?“


“My Lord… I advise you not to…“


“Pardon me, My Lord, but it is really… It is better for you to not see them, especially Your Imperial Majesty…“


Leonard, Fukushima, and Katou didn’t seem very eager to show the insects and the cats.


“I’d absolutely love to see them.
Is there some kind of problem?“


“I’d love to see them too.
Whether it is insects or cats, I would like to say my greetings to the saviors who have saved Imperial Japan.“


The Shogun and the Emperor looked at the three in confusion, wondering what the three needed to hide when they wanted to say thank you on behalf of the people they ruled.


“No, but…“




“Even we have not gotten used to seeing them at all either…“


Fukushima and Katou spoke vaguely in a mumble.


“What are you so unsure about?“


“Bring the insects and cats here.“


The Shogun and the Emperor’s voices turned stern after their subordinates kept playing hard to get and making them unnecessarily curious.


“Oh, should I call for them?“


Emma, who didn’t read the atmosphere again, suddenly became tactful at the most undesirable time.


“Koumei-san~, Ryuu-chan~, Kan-chan~, Chou-chan~… and Tailless Whip Scorpions, come here to greet the Lord and His Imperial Majestyyy!“


Emma turned to face the small mountain of Over‘s rubble and shouted.


“Ah, Nee-sama! Aren’t calling the tailless whip scorpions suddenly like this a bit—?!“


William couldn’t stop her in time.


“Meooow ♪”


*rustle rustle rustle rustle rustle rustle rustle rustle rustle rustle rustle rustle rustle rustle*


” “EEK—” “


It went without saying that immediately after that, the Emperor and the Shogun’s screams echoed throughout the place for a long time.



Author’s words: Emma: Tailless whip scorpions are cute though…

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