u split it in half?! That was such a valuable can! Even the syrup for preserving the peaches has all flowed out.
What a waste!“




“You can even use the empty can to scoop water, cook soup, or use it as a pen holder!“


“Eh? No, um.“


“Excuse me, Fukushima-sama… do you not have a can opener?“


William, too, gazed at the canned peaches that had been tragically cut in two with an exasperated face.


“C-Can opener? What’s that? Cans are usually opened by a skillful person with an iai slash, though…?“


“Eh? W-Why do you have cans but not can openers?! If so, how do people without katanas open a can?“


It doesn’t make any sense. George also stared at Fukushima.


“Well, by using an ax or something similar?” replied Fukushima.
To which the samurais also nodded in agreement.

Everyone looked like they couldn’t understand what the Stuart family felt indignant about.


Even though they had the sought-after cans, they only used them to store fruits and didn’t even have a can opener.
Each and every point was so disappointing.


“Fukushima-sama, let’s make a can opener after we defeat Over! It’s a shame, but this is a huge bottleneck!“


“…No wait, Emma-dono… again, what’s a can opener?“


“A can opener is… It kinda looks like this…” George explained to Fukushima and the samurais while drawing on the ground with a twig he picked up.


“…Nii-sama…? That’s… a bottle opener.“



Thus, after Over was defeated, the whole family started working on the production of the can opener.


“We made bottle openers in the end too, huh…“


Because of George’s slip-up, bottle openers were also developed in Imperial Japan, but before that, everyone already knew they could just open the bottles with their teeth.


“It just felt like a pity.
It’s like… having a Famicom console without controllers…“


Because of this and that, the Stuart family extended their stay in Imperial Japan instead of returning to the Kingdom after defeating Over.

From the production of can openers and canned cat food to inspection and solutions for some occasional defective products…

Emma was interested in Imperial Japan’s magic stone-supported, high-tech civilization, and the moment she started researching on and improving the details and the overlooked parts deeper, no one could stop her anymore.

Under Joshua’s order, the cannery, which had been shut down due to the monster disaster, was bought over by the Rothschild Company and reopened at a frightening speed.
Now, various canned food such as canned cat food, Melsa’s braised armor boar in a can, canned mackerel, canned tuna, and a variety of canned monster meat were being produced.
The canned food would first be circulated within Imperial Japan for some time, then exported to the Kingdom when there was no more food shortage.

‘Though all the canned cat food was bought by House Stuart…

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