We Probably Wouldn’t Make It [Part 3]


“Even if, by any chance, the Kingdom has a Holy Maiden, it does not concern you!” the prince raised his voice.


“Hahaha, it does not concern us, you say? Can you say the same before God? The Empire’s Royal Family are all Saints, which are already synonymous with God.
You may even say that I, a messenger of the Empire’s Royal Family who are gods, am also a god.
And this honorable self is telling you to leave the judgment of whether the Holy Maiden in the rumors is real or not to us!”


The Empire’s fat chief delegate left his seat without trying to hide the vulgar smile on his face.


“Well, it’s only a matter of time before I find her.
There are hundreds of Imperial people in this country now, including merchants.
I will excuse myself for today.”


The chief delegate left the room with loud footsteps.


“…The Empire is the same as ever.” 


They looked down on even the Kingdom’s King.


“Your Majesty, why does the chief delegate take the rumors on the streets seriously? Although we all know Emma has overflowing benevolence like a Holy Maiden, there has not been an official notice from the church.”


“Edward, he was like that because he just wanted to personally see the royal capital’s rumored beautiful girl.
He can throw his weight around in the Kingdom, so he must think he can do whatever he wants… to Emma-chan…”




Edward glared at the door the chief delegate had exited from.


“That fat b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲… I’ll kill him.”




“…Pardon me.”


“Could you please not write down the remark Edward just made?”


The King talked to the secretary, who was recording the conversation at the evening party.


“Yes, understood.”


“Also, did you record the part where the chief delegate said he was a god?”


“Yes, word for word.”


“Alright, I will send a complaint letter to the Empire based on that record.
‘Does your country choose a human who poses as a god as your chief delegate? You will at least  send someone different next year, right?’ or something along the lines of that.
Well, it’ll probably be the same no matter who comes, though.”


Good grief. The King sighed.

He knew that contrary to what he said, it wouldn’t have much effect.
Still, if he didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to think about what kind of report the chief delegate would make when he returned to the Empire.
If he didn’t proclaim that the chief delegate had made a mistake first, the courageous Emma would be in danger.
It was fortunate that he allowed her to go to Imperial Japan, so now she didn’t have to face the chief delegate.


The Imperial people who came every social season were really a big headache.
They acted as they pleased in the Kingdom.
Even the chief delegate of the Empire’s Royal Family was like that.

Because the Rothschild Company didn’t buy cotton, they didn’t particularly try to conceal their irritation this year.
As such, the citizens flooded the royal castle with complaints about the Imperial people.


“Your Majesty, if the Kingdom’s church recognizes Emma as a Holy Maiden… what will happen to Emma?”


Edward looked at the King with a worried face, different from his usual cool expression.

It was the worst case scenario he could think of.

Although the Kingdom’s church had declared independence from the Empire’s church, some of its parts were still unable to break free from the Empire’s church’s influence.


“…I will protect Emma-chan.
After all, we surely can’t bear to let such a pure, admirable, and kind child live in the Empire, right?”


The king clenched his hands tightly with all his might before stroking Edward’s drooping head roughly.
He felt irritated at himself with how he could only say mere words of consolation to his son.


“Your Majesty.”


The Prime Minister, who had no plans to attend today’s evening party, appeared in the hall and approached the King hurriedly before whispering something to him.


“The church just sent an official notice that they have acknowledged a Holy Maiden.”


The worst case scenario they could think of had happened.

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