The Holy Maiden [Part 1]


“Just what is the meaning of this?! The church has recognized a Holy Maiden, you said…? Even though they kept insisting that Emma of House Stuart was not a Holy Maiden, that the rumors on the streets were unsatisfactory, and some other excuses  until the arrival of the Imperial people… If they announce it at this time, we wouldn’t be able to protect what we should, right?!”


The moment they left the evening party hall and moved to a separate room to hear the details, the King immediately exploded in anger.


“That’s right! If we had known in advance, the Royal Family could have issued an official notice to the people so that they wouldn’t have talked about Emma… What more, it’s absurd to announce it to the public without informing His Majesty beforehand!”


Continuing after the King, Edward, who had been called ‘the emotionless prince’ until a year ago, pressed the Prime Minister for an explanation without trying to conceal his anger.


“Your Majesty, Your Highness, please calm down.”


“ “How can we be calm?!!!” ”


Even though the Prime Minister tried to calm the King and the Prince down, they wouldn’t listen.

Even though she’s a noblewoman, wouldn’t it be dangerous if a member of the Royal Family showed so much emotional attachment to a single citizen? The Prime Minister couldn’t help but be concerned.

The Prime Minister himself had never seen the daughter of Count Stuart, Emma Stuart.
The number of social events she had attended could be counted on one hand.
Despite this, he had heard nothing but praises from those who had met her.

How suspicious. The prime minister squinted.

How could he not feel as such? At the few evening parties she attended, a little commotion always happened.
And each time, her reputation would rise, and when he realized it, the rumors about a Holy Maiden had already spread at a surprising rate.
Not only among the nobles, but also throughout the shopping district.
Even the Simmons territory’s fishermen and slum children knew her name.

‘Extremely suspicious.

If we think about it normally, these are all things that are impossible.’

But now, all of this didn’t matter to the prime minister.


“Your Majesty, Your Highness… the Holy Maiden the church announced is not Emma Stuart.”


As if to mock the currently spreading gossip in the Kingdom that Emma Stuart was a Holy Maiden, the church recognized another lady as a Holy Maiden.



“ “Huh?” ”


“ “What is the meaning of this?” ” The king and the prince pressed the prime minister for an explanation again.


“Hey, hey, hey.
Emma-chan is not the Holy Maiden, you said? How is that possible?! No girl is more modest, delicate, and purer than Emma-chan, you know?”


“Emma is a Holy Maiden! The Kingdom has no girl as graceful, kind, tender, and beautiful as Emma! Just what do they look for in Holy Maidens that Emma lacks?! Is the church blind?!”


They’re mad when she is named the Holy Maiden and mad when people say she is not a Holy Maiden… Ugh, these troublesome fellows. The prime minister groaned secretly in his heart.


“Even if you say that to me, I am powerless in this matter.
Because the reality is different from everyone’s ideas.
The church has officially announced that Joanna of Skyte territory is the Holy Maiden.”


Just Joanna, without any surname.

The king and the prince sank into silence as soon as they heard that name.


“…By Joanna, you mean that Joanna?”


The king asked the prime minister in a low voice, strongly hoping for it to be someone other than who he was thinking of.


“Yes, it is that Joanna.”


Unfortunately, the prime minister couldn’t give the answer the King wanted to hear.


“Just what on earth is that girl…”


“Haa.” The king stopped questioning the prime minister and slumped down into a chair as he sighed deeply.

The prince also sat down after the king, but his look turned very complicated.


“Does a thorn in one’s side always multiply over time? Thinking about how to handle her gives me enough headaches already…”


The king and the prince both knew that girl called Joanna.


The story goes back to this year’s academy enrollment party.

The one escorted by a Baron’s son from the Skyte territory was Joanna.
She had no invitation, no surname, and even her origins were unclear.
Yet her entry to the royal castle became possible because of her surprising physical appearance.


Her eyes were black.


Jet black eyes were the symbol of royalty in this country.

It was absolutely impossible for ordinary commoners to be born with [jet black] traits.

Her hair color was also brown, a color close to black, further giving the impression that she had royal blood.
It caused an uproar at the party and had also entered the king’s ears.

As all kinds of speculations grew apace, the Royal Family immediately took Joanna under their protection.
Furthermore, a gag order was issued.
After that, those who gossiped about her would be cracked down on.



Author’s words:

Finally… appeared…

I finally… can allow her to appear…

The black-eyed woman…



Huh? ‘Who’s that?’ you said?


Her foreshadowing was far too early from her actual appearance, right?


That’s why (if you’d like), please re-read the last part of Chapter 49: “First Capture“.

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