Army of Giant Insects [Part 1]

~At Edo Castle~

The Emperor and the Shogun were baffled by the Stuart family’s bewildering answer.

“You really don’t need a reward?“

“ “ “ “ “THERE’S NO NEED!!!” ” ” ” ”

The whole family interrupted the Emperor’s words with their answer.

Joshua had negotiated for the rice and seasonings trade, and the company had finished the import procedure.

The family had many things they wanted to try with the magic stones, but as people who lived in the borderland, they also hoped to save as many stones as possible so they could be used to restore and reinforce the barrier.

Even though Imperial Japan was indebted to them, it didn’t mean they could just drain its magic stone resources for imports and ruin Imperial Japan’s national defense.

The family took turns to explain that having an exclusive contract with the Rothschild Company to trade the magic stones at a reasonable price would be the best for Imperial Japan.

Basically, the family just left everything they deemed troublesome to Joshua, and nothing could go wrong.

“No, but…“

“In the eyes of the public, we visited Imperial Japan for cross-cultural exchanges, so we will be troubled if you make it too grandiose.“

Leonard declined the perplexed Emperor and Shogun’s offer resolutely.
The unpleasant experience he had with rewards was still fresh in his mind.

“Besides, we are having a great time in Imperial Japan.“

The cats and the tailless whip scorpions could go hunt monsters leisurely, and the family was satisfied with the nostalgic Japanese food they could eat here.
They also had fun coming up and experimenting with various combinations of Japanese ingredients and this world’s monster meat.
And, of course, the eating part was even more fun.

“If so, how about migrating to Imperial Japan? As far as I can see, you seem to feel more at home here than in the Kingdom?“

Imperial Prince Tasuku, who had stayed for a period of time in the Kingdom, had seen how the family looked these days and thus suggested immigration.

Emma especially, had a heaven and earth difference in how she behaved here and in the Kingdom.
Her downcast look at the evening party, where she seemed frightened of something (the Manner Demon), appeared very delicate and cute.
But after seeing the innocent smile currently plastered on her face, Imperial Prince Tasuku thought she could live a much more comfortable life in Imperial Japan.


Although the family had enthusiastically talked among themselves about how they wanted to immigrate here, their hearts were still moved upon knowing that it could be realized when they heard the Imperial Prince’s words.

“Ohh, that’s a nice suggestion you have there, Tasuku.
Let’s arrange a suitable mansion and servants for you.
You may continue to hunt monsters or expand the cannery.
As long as my eyes remain blue, I will ensure that you can live your days here at will.“

Perceiving all the tiny, little changes in the family’s expression, the Emperor gave it one more push.
Although immigration was generally not approved of in this world, if it was the Stuart family who had contributed so much to Imperial Japan, he was sure the citizens would never oppose to it.

“…Eating as much rice as we want… making as much canned cat food as we like… monster-hunting to our heart’s content…“

The family started to waver.

“You have saved Imperial Japan.
In appreciation of this great deed, Count Stuart will be granted the rank of Daimyo, and George-kun will join the ranks of samurai under the Shogunate.“

“Daimyo…” [T/N: Japanese feudal lord]


In the Kingdom, those were equivalent to…

…aristocrats with a title and territory,

and the role of hunters and knights.

“ “That’s actually not too bad…?” ”

“Melsa-dono will also be very suitable for an executive position in cooking…” Head Court Lady Ume, who was also present, made a crafty suggestion.

“Lady Emma can also do insect research to your heart’s content… How does that sound?” Miguel, who received permission to attend the meeting, further suggested cleverly.

“ “Not bad at all…” ”

Melsa and Emma’s eyes also started gleaming.

“Then I will have William-kun be my page… will that be alright?” Fukushima put forward his idea subtly.


William suddenly had a bad premonition.

Fukushima smoothly moved towards William and stretched out his right hand as if asking for a handshake.

“William-kun, I made my decision the very first time we met.
Please be my page!“

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