The sobbing of the vassals, including the samurais, reverberated around the room.


“Uh… Um… Pardon…? Is that disease… beriberi?“


Emma asked with a fluffy voice that didn’t match the sorrowful mood.


“! Lady Emma? Is there perhaps a specific remedy for the deadly beriberi disease in the Kingdom?!“


Imperial Prince Tasuku looked at Emma with eyes full of expectation.


“No, um… there’s no specific remedy…“


“Haa, of course there isn’t.
Even the most renowned doctor couldn’t cure it.
I have raised my voice at you out of my desperate hope… Please forgive me.“


Feeling despondent, Imperial Prince Tasuku cast his eyes down.


“…Uhh, well… the cause of beriberi is vitamin B1 deficiency(?) so…“




“It’s most likely because you ate white rice instead of brown rice, so your body didn’t get the nutrition it needed.“




“That’s why you should switch to eating brown rice… Ah… and pork like armored boars and orcs? Besides, if the Kingdom’s foodstuff can be eaten in Imperial Japan… then it’s pretty much already solved…?“ 


As Emma mumbled to herself, she realized that this problem had already been resolved.


“What do you mean?“


Imperial Prince Tasuku looked at Emma once more.


“The cause of the disease, nutrient deficiency, can be cured by eating armored boars or orcs.
Bread or pasta made from the Kingdom’s wheat also contains that necessary nutrition… That’s why I think you will be fine as long as you maintain the current diet.“


“Beriberi is a nutritional disease, like scurvy in the Kingdom,” explained Emma to Imperial Prince Tasuku.


“T-The beriberi… is cured? By eating monsters?“


The Emperor really liked braised armored boar and ate it often.
The spaghetti napolitan that Melsa introduced, too, had entered the ranks of the Emperor’s favorite food.

So that’s why my body has been feeling better recently…? The Emperor realized.


“W-What shall I say… I should reward you for this…“


“ “ “ “ “There’s no need!” ” ” ” ”


The Stuart family responded in sync before the Emperor could finish his words for the nth time today.

From this day on, the way the samurais looked at William changed, the way the Imperial Family looked at Emma changed, and the Imperial Japanese citizens started to look at the Stuart family as if they were looking at gods.


House Stuart and its accomplishments were made known to every corner of Imperial Japan.
In addition to the extermination of Over, which had been kept a secret from the citizens until then, how they had saved the nation’s deity, the Emperor’s life was widely announced before the family could stop it.


Their favorite Imperial Japanese lifestyle became absurdly uncomfortable, and thus, the Stuart family decided to return home.


“Do you need some tailless whip scorpions?”

To Emma’s question, it went without saying that nobody nodded their heads.

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