Restlessness at the Academy and Homecoming [Part 1]


The Stuart family still hadn’t returned even after the academy started.

Even if someone wanted to contact them, Imperial Japan was located in unexplored territory, and no ships could reach it.
The fact that no one could find it even though the Kingdom knew of its estimated location made people assume that perhaps the entirety of Imperial Japan was enveloped in some kind of magic.


As Prince Edward waited for the class to begin, his mind drifted to Emma, who had yet to return.


“Why the long face, Your Highness? Soften your expression a little, please.”


Arthur, on the seat next to him, said while shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly.


“How can you laugh when there’s nothing funny.
I’ve always looked sullen.
This is my normal face.” Edward glared at Arthur hatefully.


“Oho? If my memory serves me correctly, Your Highness always has a silly smile, as if you were melting, whenever Lady Emma is around, though?”


Only Arthur could still crack jokes when being stared daggers at by the cold-faced prince.


“Is there also nothing from the Rothschild Company? No news is proof that they are doing well, is it not?”


Because they had been friends for a long time, Arthur could pretty much tell what was on Edward’s mind.
He was actually too easy to read since his face had a pitifully limited variety of expressions.


The Stuarts’ visit to Imperial Japan during the summer vacation was outwardly known to be a study tour for cross-cultural exchanges.
But in truth, they went there to deal with the monster disaster, plant hazard, that had encroached on the country beyond control.


Those who knew the situation had their breath taken away when they saw the family depart with smiles on their faces.
It was because they had smiled as if they were going to see a long-awaited stage play rather than go to the perishing Imperial Japan.


“The summer vacation is already over, and yet the family still hasn’t returned.
Did something happen? Perhaps illnesses or injuries, haa… With how cute Emma is… maybe the King of Imperial Japan made advances on her…”


The Prince’s worries knew no end.

But in reality, it was not Emma, but William who was being wooed this time.


“…Your Highness.
I’m also a little worried.
But on the contrary, I think it would have been better for Lady Emma to not remain in the Kingdom…”


Despite all the surrounding excitement and rumors about how much of a Holy Maiden Emma was, the Holy Maiden the Church recognized was not her.

Arthur glanced at the student sitting far from them.

Brown hair, a color close to black, and black eyes.

It was Lady Joanna, the Holy Maiden acknowledged by the Church.

Arthur was surprised when he heard she would be enrolling in the academy after the summer vacation.
Whose child she was was still unknown (the King insisted that it was definitely not his), but because her appearance made it undeniable that she had royal blood, she was given permission to attend the academy.


What puzzled him the most was that the Empire’s chief delegate, who demanded to meet the Holy Maiden, had met Joanna but didn’t say anything about wanting to take her back to the Empire with him.
He turned quiet and well-behaved, as if he was a completely different person, and left the Kingdom empty-handed.


The students at the academy became enamored with the Holy Maiden Joanna in no time.
They noticed her every move and felt more and more attracted to her.

There was even a rumor that no one could resist falling in love when being stared at by those black eyes.

Even those who used to say, “Emma was no doubt a Holy Maiden!” changed their attitudes in the blink of an eye and fell head over heels for Joanna.


On the other hand, Emma, who had gone to Imperial Japan and had yet to return, began to lose popularity little by little.

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