lightly while thinking she should cross-check with Joshua about the Kingdom’s view on Holy Maidens later.
She really hoped that the Kingdom was not a country where someone could be acknowledged as a Holy Maiden just by looking at someone else’s breasts.


“Well then, allow me to begin our report.”


Melsa cut in between Emma’s words and began reporting before that daughter of hers could say anything unnecessary.


“To summarize everything, Imperial Japan’s monster disaster, the plant hazard, was already resolved.”




“All we did was provide food aid.”




“Imperial Japan has an abundance of magic stone resources, and by making good use of them, they were able to cut down Over…”




“Just a moment, please!”


The prime minister, who had been listening in silence until then, couldn’t help but speak up.


“Is there even such a too-good-to-be-true situation like that—…”


“There is!”


Melsa pushed her way through with vigor.
The plans the family came up with in the family meetings had always been sloppy, but if they could at the very least somehow convince the prime minister, tackling the king would be a piece of cake.

This was the critical moment.


“Imperial Japan is a very well-developed country.
They can exchange letters with people from far away instantaneously, start a fire, and store water, all through the use of magic stones.
Even at night, the indoors are as bright as day because of the magic stones, and even when people get drenched by the rain, they can dry themselves completely with magic stones in no time…”


“I-Is there really such a utopia…”


“There is!”


Melsa glared at the wavering prime minister, completely silencing him with her gaze alone.


“And samurais, the equivalent of knights and hunters, have such great martial prowess that they can even split steel (cans) cleanly in half.”


“Wha-! Steel, you say…”


“Yes, steel (cans).”


Even in the Kingdom, there were no knights who could cut through steel.
No hunters would even think of cutting steel.

*Gulp* …The King and the Prime Minister held back their breaths.
Neither of them had thought that Imperial Japan, which they assumed to be in the position that needed help, was far superior to the Kingdom in terms of technology and military power.

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