Emma answered according to her disordered thoughts.
Though she said all this herself, she also personally felt that her words were super dubious.


“WHA—! You used magic stones to attack?!”


“W-What a revelatory idea!”




Both the King and the Prime Minister exclaimed in shock.


“True, I have heard that many monsters hate fire…”


“Your Majesty, it is not only limited to fire.
I once heard that water works against monsters that clad themselves in fire.
Perhaps there are other beneficial ways to utilize magic stones… How could I not think of such a simple thing before…”




Emma glanced at her parents with her mouth agape upon receiving these unexpected reactions.


“I-It must be a g-generation gap.”


After meeting Emma’s gaze, Melsa regained her vigor, and far from feigning calmness, she began explaining with a smug face.


“ “G-Generation gap?” ”


“In my and Leonard’s generation, magic stones were close to our lives in our childhood.
However, when it comes to our children’s generation, many are even incognizant of the magic stone itself.
Truthfully, our children didn’t know about it until recently.
And when the children, who grew up in Palace and were exposed to the danger of monsters from a young age, learned about magic stones, this was the idea they came up with.”


“In brief, it was hard for us to come up with this idea, but the children’s flexible thinking saved Imperial Japan.
Is that how it is?”


Hmph… the Prime Minister grunted.


“If our House Stuart had been of assistance to Imperial Japan other than the matter of food aid, it must have been because of these children’s ideas.”


Melsa finished her explanation by stating that upon hearing the idea, Imperial Japan handled everything themselves splendidly.

The report turned out to be somewhat different from the conclusion they had reached in the family meeting, but Melsa thought that whatever worked as long as they could dupe the Prime Minister and the King.


“Sure enough, Emma-chan is a Holy Maiden… Thank you for your hard work.
Hmm, I should bestow the House of Count Stuart with some kind of reward…”


“ “ “ “ “We do not need any rewards!!!” ” ” ” ” denied the whole family in sync.



Author’s words: The first thing decided at the family meeting was that the bad liar, Leonard, mustn’t talk, and Leonard adhered to this decision faithfully.

I thought of throwing in “Ge, GE, GEH” once when they mentioned “G-Generation gap,” but I managed to hold back.

[T/N: Ge, GE, GEH is a dialect of the Kosode District, Iwate; used when someone is exaggeratedly taken aback.
Apparently, they even have a kaomoji for it:

\( ‘ jjjj ’ )/]


Translator’s comment:

King : Such a revelatory idea! This is a revolution! Bestow a reward to House Stuart!

Stuarts : WHAT \( ‘ jjjj ’ )/

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