What the Kingdom Has and Imperial Japan Doesn’t [Part 1]




After the audience with the King was over, the family withdrew from the room.
Emma had just stepped outside when Jadwiga leapt out of nowhere and circled her arms around her waist.


“Gah! Jadwi…ga-sama???”


Jadwiga rubbed her face against Emma’s body and then looked up, seeming as if she was on the verge of tears.


“Jadwi, Jadwi likes Emma-chan very, very much!”


Jadwiga tightened her embrace, trying to convey her anxiety through the strength of her arms.


“Jadwiga-sama, I like Jadwiga-sama very much too!”


Emma didn’t understand why she was being hugged, but because Jadwiga looked very cute, she just hugged her back.


“Hey! Nee-sama!”


“…What is it, su** zanmai.”


When Emma turned to look at William, he was waiting for his turn with arms wide open.
The expression on his face expressed nothing but his impure intentions.
[T/N: Sushi zanmai is a famous sushi chain.
Smiling with outstretched arms is its boss’ signature pose.]


“I knew it.
We should’ve left William in Imperial Japan by himself…” Maybe he could be born anew under Fukushima-sama’s love. Emma muttered under her breath.


“Eek… please stop thinking of such a horrible thing!” William stepped back, rejecting the idea whole-heartedly.

Though for Emma, she knew that she couldn’t help but think of such things when seeing her younger brother resemble su** zanmai more and more.


“Oh my, oh my, Jadwi.
I thought you ran off somewhere.
It turns out you’re here.”


Emma suddenly smelled a sweet, gentle floral scent wafting in the air and lifted her head to find Rose with her maid, Meg, walking towards them.




Rose, who she hadn’t seen in a long time, was still as beautiful and busty as usual.

The perfect innate foundation plus the ultimate hard work and devotion.
Her existence alone… I want to offer my gratitude to her just for existing. Rose’s beauty had struck a critical hit on Emma yet again.


“It’s been a while since we’ve met.
My most sincere gratitude and praise for your beauty today too.” 


When Emma bowed softly in salute, the rest of the Stuart family behind her followed suit and bent their knees.

Emma found it hard to be in this posture because Jadwiga was still clinging onto her, but it couldn’t be helped.
She had to protect Jadwiga from William.


“You’re too much, Emma-chan! The academy’s summer vacation ended a long time ago, you know.
His Majesty, Jadwiga, and I were all very worried.
Edward wrote a letter to the Marquisate of Simmons every day asking if the ship the Stuarts were on had arrived or not.”


After allowing them to lift their heads, Rose puffed out her cheeks, angry at their late return.


“Ah, Rose-sama, we deeply apologize, but your angry face is also lovely.”


Upon hearing Emma’s apologies, the Stuart family present muttered, “True…” in agreement.

The jawline accentuated when she turned her face away in a huff, her soft scattering hair, her smooth lustrous elbow below her slender upper arm…


“Imperial Japan is a fascinating country, but… the Kingdom where Rose-sama belongs is the best after all.”


George also extolled Rose’s beauty while smiling sweetly.

The family only had Rose as a possible choice for their bias from a year ago.


“…Jeez, how can I stay angry when you keep praising me like that!”


*hmph* …Rose blushed in a sulking manner.


“A blushing Rose-sama… So cute!”


“Oh, Emma-chan, you-!”


In the family’s eyes, Rose’s every move was the greatest solace, especially after they had just desperately dodged the talk about rewards with the king.


“Rose-sama, I’m sure you would like to catch up with each other… Would you like me to prepare a room?”


Rose’s maid, Meg, surveyed their surroundings with furrowed brows and suggested.
It was a little improper to make noise in the Royal Castle’s hallway.


“A tea party with Emma-chan~!”


Jadwiga bubbled with joy.


“You’re right.
I wonder if you have plans after this? I want to invite you to my palace!”


Rose invited the Stuart family to the Royal Concubine’s palace.

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