“This is a space where His Majesty can come to relax, so we don’t put anything luxurious to make it more comfortable.”


Rose flashed a sweet smile.

It seemed like her relationship with His Majesty, the king, was very harmonious.


“Pardon me.
I deeply apologize about what happened earlier.”


Meg served the black tea after the three siblings had sat down on the sofa they were led to, before suddenly bowing her head.


“Huh? What matter are you referring to?” asked George while giving a side glance to Emma, who had been staring at the fragrant black tea with the royal mark with undivided attention since it was served.
He didn’t recall anything that required Meg’s apology.


“I apologize for the disrespectful attitude of the people in the Royal Castle.
Something like this has never happened before, but… you must have found it unpleasant being openly glanced at and whispered about secretly.”


After the Stuart family left the King’s audience room, they met many people waiting for their turn to have an audience with the king, and guards and civil officials standing by in the hallway.
Most of them threw reproachful looks at the Stuarts.


“…Was that so? I didn’t notice at all.”


George was still confused even after hearing Meg’s explanation.
Right after they left the room, Jadwiga rushed towards Emma from nowhere, then Rose arrived… He didn’t pay attention to the surroundings at all.

It couldn’t be helped that he didn’t notice.
After all, everything else would just fade into the background when there was an absolute beauty like Rose before him.


“My utmost gratitude for your generous understanding.”


In Meg’s eyes, the surrounding people’s attitude was simply intolerable.

House Stuart had a bad reputation recently.
First, Emma was not the Holy Maiden.
Second, some nobles criticized them for spending the entirety of the significant social season in Imperial Japan.


Although the truth had never been made public, Meg believed from seeing how worried His Majesty and His Highness Edward were that the Stuarts’ trip to Imperial Japan was not as simple as a study tour which they said it was.
The Stuart family must have gone to resolve a difficult situation that was much more serious beyond any stretch of Meg’s imagination.

Without accepting any reward or anything, they lent a helping hand to the troubled Imperial Japan out of their sense of duty and kindness that was deeper than the ocean.

That was what House Stuart was.


Meg was sure that Imperial Japan must have been saved.

Even if they knew they would be criticized, they would not stop to take action for someone else’s sake.

That was what House Stuart was.

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