What the Kingdom Has and Imperial Japan Doesn’t [Part 3]


Does Rose-sama know Joanna-sama? We heard from His Majesty that she was the Holy Maiden announced by the Church.”


After chatting leisurely about light-hearted topics for some time, Emma inquired about the Holy Maiden, Joanna.
Being chosen as Holy Maiden must have been more difficult and troublesome than being called a h̲o̲r̲n̲y maiden.
While thinking as such, Emma brought up the topic lightly, but the moment the name “Joanna” came out of her mouth… everybody froze as an awkward silence filled the air.


“Emma-chan… don’t let it discourage you.
It’s alright.”


Jadwi will always protect you, okay?”


Not only Rose, but even Jadwiga started consoling Emma.


“…? No, um, uhh… No worries(?)”


“Exactly as Jadwiga said! Emma-chan, please tell me immediately if you’re being harassed at the academy.
Or if someone bullies you at tea parties and evening parties, okay? High society has its dark and malicious side too… Rather, now that the situation has become like this, I think you should take a leave of absence from school for a while…”


“W-We can’t take a break from school any longer than this!”


“That is not probable,” William rose to his feet upon hearing Rose’s advice.


“Eh? We can’t take a break from school? Why not? Did anything special happen, William?” George looked at his younger brother and asked in a carefree manner.


“No, Nii-sama! A delay in Nii-sama‘s studies is our biggest problem.
Unlike me and Nee-sama, the future of Palace County depends on Nii-sama, you know?!”


What are you being so relaxed about? Out of all of us, Nii-sama is the one who doesn’t have the right to dilly-dally, okay! William threw a judgemental look at his older brother.


“…Why is it only me…”


It’s tough being the eldest son… George dropped his shoulders dejectedly.


“…Actually, I don’t mind inheriting the Stuart title and land, you know? Grandmother said even a woman could be heir if she met the requirements… Besides, if we judge this by the chance of passing Monster Science alone, mine is higher than Nii-sama‘s…”


Seeing that George was too pitiful, Emma tried to console him.


“ “If that happens, Palace will be drowned in insects!” ”


The siblings shouted in sync.


“But William… must never be the lord.
You know that, right?” If Emma was a no go, the only option left would be William.
But before they had to be reduced to that choice, Emma already declared this decisively once and for all.


“…That’s true.”


George seconded Emma’s opinion.
Thinking about how Peita was pretty much a bum in their past life, they couldn’t rest easy leaving a job with heavy responsibilities to him.


“You two are so mean!”


In the end, George could only work hard.


“Fufufu, seeing as you are this energetic, it seems you are truly okay.
But I really meant what I said earlier.
Things are getting odd recently, so take care, okay? Everyone is on edge these days.”


While laughing at the three siblings’ skit-like exchanges, Rose reminded again with more emphasis that they should be careful.


“And what does Rose-sama mean by ‘everyone is on edge’…?


William inquired carefully upon seeing Rose’s expression.


“I believe you know how nobles will buy heaps of cotton during every annual social season, right? It seems that the price of cotton this year was a lot higher than the usual market price.
Even so, the nobles still purchased it as usual because the Imperial merchants told them to.






William softly urged the sighing Rose to continue.


“…However, that cotton was of inferior quality through and through.
Almost all nobles in the Kingdom seem to have lost a lot of money.”


They wanted to make money, but ended up putting a further strain on their already difficult financial situation.


“Eh? If you receive inferior products, shouldn’t you exchange them with the seller? Well, I think not checking the goods’ condition before buying them is a bit… It’s not really the wisest thing to do.”


“Emma-chan is right.
But the Kingdom tends to not go against the Empire for some reason, even if the other party is only a merchant…”


The Head Church of the Kingdom’s Church was in the Empire, and it had a considerable influence on the Kingdom people… especially those who lived around the Royal Capital.
Since childhood, the Church had instilled in them the idea that the Empire was a mighty country.

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