Welcome Home [Part 3]

“Huh? Doesn’t this mean that our House Stuart… is in a crisis?”

William, who was swept by the solemn mood of the ‘panty talk’ and was attentively listening with a serious face, muttered to himself.
His intuition told him that their current situation was the reason why Joshua was absent from school.
Usually, he would always want to stick close to Emma, every opportunity he got.
But now he couldn’t be seen anywhere.

‘A predicament that even made Joshua to give up on meeting Nee-sama… Isn’t it enough to show the graveness of the situation??’ As William mulled over the absence of Joshua, he started to fret.

The main source of income for House Stuart and their territory, Palace, was silk production.

Although the Rothschild Company had a wide range of business, it didn’t mean it wouldn’t encounter any problems if the silk sales went down.

“Nii-sama, this might turn into a serious problem.”

If the silk prices continue to drop constantly from now on, perhaps our former poor lifestyle will await us again by the time Nii-sama legally inherits Palace.
Even though with stable finances, ruling over territory with frequent appearances of monsters is already a tough job on its own… William directed a concerned look towards the future Palace lord, George.

“Hm? What were we talking about?”

Completely oblivious to William’s worries, George casually asked.

The disappointing elder brother of the Tanaka family couldn’t keep up with complicated conversations.

“Leaving that aside, William… Do you think I can do well in the Ancient Imperial Language class tomorrow?”

George dropped his head as his face visibly darkened.

Ancient Imperial Language had always been George’s worst subject.
He must be worried about whether he could catch up to the missed lessons caused by extending their summer vacation and stay in Imperial Japan.

“…It’s going to be alright, Onii-sama. Ancient Imperial Language has always been a subject Onii-sama wasn’t good at, so it doesn’t matter”

“There, there,” Emma patted George’s head to console him.

“Nee-sama, with that comment, you’re just adding insult to injury, you know?”

Good grief. William sighed in resignation. Rather than worrying about the far future, I should worry more about tomorrow’s class…

Wait, come to think of it, whether Nii-sama can become a lord is a gamble in itself.

Nii-sama’s helplessness with the Ancient Imperial language easily surpasses that of English in our past life.

Mother said that even if he fails in any other class, Ancient Imperial is a must-pass subject because it will definitely be needed for Intermediate Monster Science and above.

…eh? Doesn’t this mean that if I’m unlucky, I’ll be the one to bear the brunt in the future?

“Nii-sama, let’s review Ancient Imperial after we get home today! Nee-sama and I will help you cram!”

“Eh? William, I got other things to do, though…”

“No! Nee-sama should help too! If it continues on like this, Nii-sama won’t be able to graduate, you know?”

“Ehhh… But……”

“No! We’re going to study! Do you really not mind if Nii-sama still has to sit in the same class even in his 40s?!?”

“I’d hate that, I guess…”

“Right? That’s why we must hold a tutoring session today!!”


As the friends around took in the three siblings’ skit-like exchanges happily, they all temporarily forgot about their frustration over not being able to make new underwear.

“Sure enough, things only get lively and fun when those three are around, doesn’t it?”

“It’s kinda feeling warm inside, isn’t it, Caitlyn?”

“Hmm, it feels warm and fuzzy, Catherine.”

“I’m truly grateful, for they came back safe and sound.”

The depressed George, the frantic William, and the lazy teammate Emma.

Gazing at this familiar sight they often saw whenever they were in the square gazebo, Arthur, Marion, Francesca, and the twins rejoiced at the return of the three siblings.


Author’s words: Uh-oh, the panty talk dominated the chapter.

House Stuart’s financial situation is in a crisis, you know (desperately making this a point).

Readers’ Corner:

Reader A’s comment

The author’s appeal to make us believe they’re in a crisis is kinda… unconvincing.

Author’s reply

The crisis is real, okay!

Everyone can’t make new underwear, you know?

All those frustrations converge on the Stuart family…

The cause of their defeat… is undies?

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