“Since it’s what Joanna wants, I’ll comply.
Still, Lady Emma is nothing but a completely ordinary lady, nothing compared to the most beautiful and kind Joanna-sama.”



“My! Chris-sama, long time no see.
Eh? Are these cookies? Wha! They look tasty! Thank you so much!”


The noble students who escaped from Joanna came to meet Emma with refreshments in their hand.

They had always been worried because of her delayed return.
After hearing that she started attending the academy yesterday, they hurriedly ran to the shopping district to buy cookies.


“I knew it.
Miss Emma’s still as cute as ever.”


“And an angel at that.”


“I’ve been healed.”


Delighted, Emma started stuffing her cheeks with the cookies she received as a gift, and the male students treasured the sight presented to them with great relish.

—…Er, doesn’t Miss Emma win by a landslide over that holy maiden, no matter how you look at it?

—Lady Joanna…? Well, her cuteness is on a different level, right?

—In the first place, how could she gift people such sh***y cotton with a smug face…? Is her brain broken or what?


“Ah, right! I made a lot of amulets on the ship.
Please have this if you’d like! You might find the design odd because I made it according to the ones sold in Imperial Japan’s shrines… someplace similar to a church, but it has purifying salt inside…”


“Consider it as a token of gratitude for the cookies,” while saying so, Emma took the handmade amulets from her large bag and handed them to the male students.


“I-Is it really alright for me to have this?! It’s my first time seeing a design like this.”


“Ahh, what splendid embroidery…”


“I’ll carry this on me every day too!”


The handmade accessories Emma gave as a return gift for the sweets were made of House Stuart’s trial silk and thread products, also many of them were mixed with Violet (spider) threads.


Violet (spider) thread has the [Anti-Magic Effect].


Before the summer vacation, Emma was rumored to be the Holy Maiden and got a tremendous rise in popularity.
Thus, there was no end to students who gave her sweets just to see her smile.
And it included a variety of students, not just the noble male students whose hometown was close to the Palace.

Every time Emma received the sweets she loved so much, she always felt delighted so never forgot to give a thank you gift.


It was all thanks to these sweets that Joanna’s charm magic didn’t completely spread throughout the Royal Capital during the time Emma, Violet, the cats, and the tailless whip scorpions were away from the Kingdom.



Author’s corner:

Student: “Lady Emma is nothing but a completely ordinary lady.”


Melsa: “Fufufu, I see that you’ve been doing pretty well, Emma.”

The Prince: “Ridiculous! Emma is cute!”

Joshua: “She’s nothing less than an angel, though?”

George & William: “If only that were true… how great would it be…”


Readers: “____________”

(Fill in the blank question)


Author’s prediction: “These students have lost their minds.”

Translator: “*insert meme*”


Readers’ corner:

Reader A’s comment

Imagine that when they were wearing the yellowed underpants, the charm magic wore off halfway because of the effect of the spider thread.
Imagine those shrieks of despair upon noticing the suspicious itchiness between their legs…

The Angel Emma’s faction could only hold their heads in resignation upon seeing this fearsome situation which they had successfully avoided from the start.


Shall we bid our farewell first to the Holy Maiden Joanna’s faction?


Author’s reply

The Church’s yellowed panties were also enchanted by charm magic.
They would be so miserable when the enchantment wore off.

Emma and Joanna face-off… Wonder how it would turn out…

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