Complaints [Part 2]


Joshua’s POV


“To satisfy our esteemed customers, our Rothchild Company always offers products that have gone through rigorous selection.
As the person earlier has said, the cotton quality this year did not meet the standards set by our company, to be offered to our customers.
A store under the Rothschild name cannot sell such inferior products.
But we do have high-quality silk and hemp in store.”


“*slam*… Don’t you know that silk is a luxury based on the Church’s doctrine? More importantly, are you now telling my master to wear hemp?!”


Even though I was also sick of hearing the same complaint over and over again, I kept warning our staff to not admit to having something we didn’t have.
They absolutely mustn’t talk black into white.

Trust is the most important thing, and we don’t train our employees to turn to stopgap measures when they run into a problem.


“It is not just ordinary hemp.
This is the highest quality hemp, an original product our company takes much pride in.
It’s an excellent fabric with incomparable purity and softness to the cotton fabric that Sir Customer’s employer, Sir Marquis, bought during the social season.”


“W-What are you—?!”


The reason there was a time lag between the end of the social season and the time the number of complaints exploded was that nobles had bought cotton fabric from the Empire as they usually did every year.

Since they bought it without even checking its condition first, they must have been shocked by the yellowed cotton fabric.
Their pride as noble hindered them from filing a fraud complaint.
Well, if they could complain right to the Empire’s face, they wouldn’t be here yapping in the first place.

As such a faulty fabric could not be resell, it could only be used by the household who bought it.
And like what the church’s doctrine said, they couldn’t use hemp or silk for underwear, so the bought cotton must have been made into underwear, and although people wore them in the end, they would end up feeling uncomfortable with such a faulty product.


Making underwear from silk or hemp would simply solve the problem, though.


This customer was so pitiful.
He had been rubbing his thighs together restlessly ever since he entered the store.
And it was not just this customer before me.
Those who came to our company to look for cotton fabric also wriggled in a similar manner.

They must be feeling itchy.


If you wore that kind of underwear, not only would you have questionable rashes, but it would also end up tearing after washing it for just two or three times, right?


After all, it was an inferior product as poor as Dad said it to be.


“I suppose you still have many cotton products left in the mansion, correct? Our company could tell the amount of cotton fabric Sir Marquis bought this year.
A business transaction does not simply begin from the time of buying and selling.”


I felt sorry for this customer before me who got to suffer from the Marquis’s failure, but that didn’t mean I was willing to be the outlet for his resentment.

If this customer leaves, I should be able to attend the afternoon classes.

‘The customers are similar to god.
Whatever they say is always right…’ I more or less follow this concept when doing business, but in the end, they aren’t on the level higher than gods.


“…I want to let Emma-sama eat the newly developed gelato as soon as possible.”


‘Cause for me, an angel I cherish more than a god, is waiting with an empty stomach.

End of Joshua’s POV



“Nii-sama, please pull yourself together.”


“I’ve worked so hard… yet I still didn’t understand anything…”


“Nii-sama, in the end, you have never been able to keep up with all the lessons, heh.”


William and Emma encouraged George as he trudged along the academy’s corridor.

The preparatory study he did every day ended up in vain, and he sat through the Ancient Imperial Language class in a miserable state.
As he had always fallen behind in this class, he couldn’t even tell apart the learning materials he missed because of his late return from Imperial Japan.

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