Complaints [Part 3]


“Why does that teacher… only speak in Ancient Imperial every time? This is the Kingdom, you see?” George commented,  as he trudged along the academy’s corridor.


“Nii-sama, I always say this during and after the Ancient Imperial Language class, but the teacher always teaches in the Kingdom language, okay?”


“That can’t be true, right? I mean, I didn’t even remember a word, y’know?”


“No, no, no, Nii-sama.
You just strongly believe you can’t study before even trying! That’s the wrong mindset!”


George dropped his shoulders and plodded with barely any energy left.
Seeing him in such a state, William and Emma supported him from both sides to help him walk.

George’s gorilla-like strength, which he showed during the class in which he shined the most, Practical Skill for Hunters, seemed to have disappeared to who knows where.
It wasn’t a stretch to say that his strength had withered.


“But if you don’t understand Ancient Imperial language, you will have a hard time in the intermediate class of Monster Science and above, you know.”


The family didn’t exactly tell George to pass the exam, but not understanding the language would hinder his further studies of monster science.


The knowledge of monsters had been accumulated since ancient times.
Ancient Imperial language would be unavoidable when he wanted to study the documents passed down from generation to generation.


“I know… but… I don’t understand…”


*plop* George collapsed to his knees dejectedly on the spot.

When he became like this, he usually wouldn’t move for a while.


“I wonder what is so difficult about it…”


William, who got a highly-intelligent brain after he reincarnated, didn’t get which part George couldn’t understand.


“Like I said, firstly, the teacher too, and you guys too, please teach me in the Kingdom language…”


“I’ve said it many times as well, the teacher and we always teach you in the Kingdom language, okay?”


William reminded George patiently of what he and Emma had said several times over.


“Impossible! If so, how come I can’t understand any of it?!”


“ “…That’s what we want to know.” ”


Even a Kingdom person who couldn’t understand Imperial Japanese could make out some of the words spoken in Ancient Imperial when asked to.
Yet their older brother couldn’t even do that.

A few weeks had passed since the siblings had returned to the academy, and the battle between the Joanna faction and the Emma faction kept intensifying.
But even in the middle of all that, the three siblings’ only concern was their oldest’s learning progress.


The social season had already ended, which meant the final exam was only half a year away.

No matter how much of a carefree life the Stuart family led, they also weren’t able to avoid exams.


“Nii-sama, let’s study again today after we get home!”


“…Explain it to me in the Kingdom language or Japanese, please.”


“We always explain it in the Kingdom language! Every single time!”


“…You’re lying… Tell me it’s just a lie.
I’m begging you.”


“Nee-sama, help Nii-sama study too, okay?”


“Eh? But I want to play with the cats…”




“…Owkaaayyy… oh, what’s that crowd over there?”


Emma looked down from the hallway window and found many students gathering around one spot.
Lunch break had just started, and where those students were at should be pretty far from the cafeteria building.


“Said Holy Maiden is distributing cotton there.”


A boy appeared with a whoosh sound.


“Oh, look who’s here.
Isn’t it Hue? Why are you at the academy?”


“Yeah, I’m in the middle of a part-time job now.”


The one who suddenly appeared was the boy from the slums who once stole George’s monster karuta, Huey.
He revealed his presence after confirming that no one else was in the corridor.

Having learned the art of ninjutsu from Imperial Japanese ninjas, he could infiltrate any place without being detected by anyone and he could achieve this by simply erasing his presence.
This was also why he seemed to earn money by investigating his client’s fiance’s fidelity or looking for the culprit of harassment and bullying at the academy.

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