The Sixth Tanaka Family Meeting [Part 1]


“Take the rest of the week off from school.”


After the family finished eating their spaghetti napolitan, they returned to the west wing to hold a family meeting.

The meeting agenda was “What should we do for now…”

The daughter-doting father, Leonard, thought they couldn’t afford to just wait until any serious accident really happened, so feeling worried, he told his children to take a leave from the academy.




‘If Emma really takes a leave of absence from school, we can be together all day.’ Koumei meowed happily.


We’ll want to avoid running into the ‘Minato lookalike’ young lady when we are still in the dark about the true situation.”


Melsa, who was strict about her children’s education, unusually agreed to what Leonard suggested.

It wasn’t wise to make a move when they hadn’t fully grasped the situation.


“B-But Mother, are Onii-sama‘s studies going to be alright?”


The worrisome factor in missing school was George’s academic performance.

‘I didn’t want my exaggerated fear of the situation to hinder my older brother’s academic performance.’ Emma expressed her concern while sinking her body into Koumei’s fluffy belly again.


“No need to worry.
I will teach George earnestly, one-to-one lessons, starting from today.”


Melsa, who had once been extolled as the academy’s talented woman, declared with a bright glint in her eyes.


“S-Starting today?!”


But I have already studied till I collapse today… George lamented.


“You learn as much as you have studied.
Every second counts.”


Let’s cancel all plans to attend the upcoming tea parties so I can supervise George’s studies… Melsa was all fired up.




George held his head in frustration after knowing that hellish days were waiting for him, even on the rare break from school.

Even the once-a-week Ancient Imperial Language class had already put him in such a miserable state.
The spartan education from his mother with constant supervision could only give him despair.


“So apart from having Nii-sama study hard, we should think about what we should do from now on… right?”


William brought the family, who had gone off-topic, back on track. ‘Just who on earth is Lady Joanna, why does she look exactly like my older sister in our previous life?’


“Even if the other party takes action against us or we make a move to counter them, we want more information first.
After all, we currently know nothing.”


They at least wanted something they could use as a basis to make decisions.


“Well then, our first priority is to look into Lady Joanna.
But I guess Mr.
Goo*le… I mean, Joshua is already working on it at the speed of light, so we just have to wait…”


“ “Right.” ”


“ “Uh-huh.” ”


The family basically just leaves everything troublesome to Joshua.

Still, no matter how much they trusted Joshua, they couldn’t tell him that everyone in the family has past life memories.
Which was given because of how crazy it sounded.
So there was only one topic left for them to discuss.


“And then, the one piece of info that even the resourceful Joshua can’t find is the matter of Lady Joanna looking exactly like Mina-nee… But I personally have something I’m doubtful about… or more like something I can’t make sense of…”


“This has been on my mind for some time,” William looked at George and Emma.




“Eh? What?”


George nodded to William while Emma tilted her head.


“Nee-sama… ‘What,’ you said… She looks just like Mina-nee as she is, you know? None of the academy’s students said how it was strange or anything… That’s weird, right? After all, Mina-nee is around forty, you know? A person nearing forty is wearing a uniform at the academy, you see?”


That’s right.
Joanna didn’t take the appearance of Minato in her youth or younger.

Quite a few students were still enrolled in the academy even when they were over 30 years old because they failed Monster Science, but they were all limited to noble sons who were the successors of their households.

The age of young ladies who attended the academy only ranged from 10-23 years old.

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