The Sixth Tanaka Family Meeting [Part 2]


“Nee-sama… ‘What,’ you said… She looks just like Mina-nee as she is, you know? None of the academy’s students said how it was strange or anything… That’s weird, right? After all, Mina-nee was around forty, you know? A lady nearing forty is wearing a uniform at the academy, you see?”


“Around forty this, around forty that… So annoying.
Doesn’t that just show how young I looked in our previous life, William?”


“There’s no such thing.
After all, you were already nearing forty.”


William flatly denied it before Emma could finish saying that the beauty enthusiast Minato had a zeal for anti-aging, and that was just one of the apparent outcomes of her skin care’s effectiveness.


“But I’ve once been asked to verify my age when I bought alcohol at the supermarket.
The staff said I had to be over 20 to buy it!”


“No, no, no, no.
That was just because the cashier had problems with his eyesight.
Please don’t get carried away, Nee-sama.”


Being the lolicon he was, William had fussy opinions when involving girls.

Someone around forty could never be a girl.


“Teens, you see? have a young body, youthful skin, pure heart, and vivacious aura… That charm, that purity… People around forty could never have them—…!”


William (lolicon) perceived a somewhat cold stare directed at him midway through his fervent speech.


“William, you wanna fight?”


Emma finally snapped at the repeated mention of “around forty.”


“I’ll back you up, Emma.”


Melsa, who was currently nearing the acclaimed forty years old, was also slowly losing her temper.




Koumei is always on Emma’s side.




Even Ryuu-chan supported Emma, thinking that as William’s favorite cat, she had to teach him what he should and should never say.

William finally realized that he had inadvertently made an enemy of the Tanaka family’s whole womenfolk.


“Uhh… Err, I was just telling the objective truth… Wahhh, I’m sorry! Don’t throw that at me! Nee-sama, stop throwing everything on the table at me! Calm down! Gah, Mother! Stop it with the dictionary! Wait! Koumei-san! No way, even Ryuu-chan too… Wahhh, I-I’m terribly sorryyy!”


Emma was throwing all the things on the table at William and those thrown items created a beautiful arch in the air.

Melsa offered a thick dictionary to Emma, saying that since they were at it anyway, why didn’t they use something more heavy and impactful.

*shing* Koumei and Ryuu-chan extended their claws from their fluffy paws.
The look in their eyes showed that they weren’t playing around.
Their intimidating aura alone was so intense that it was enough to scare Willian. 


“C-Calm down, Emma.
Mother too! William didn’t mean anything bad.
Sure enough, someone around forty can’t possibly disguise herself as a teenager, right? No matter how you look at it, it’s a fact they clearly look diffe…rent…?”


George stepped in before Emma could throw the dictionary… but it seemed like he had said too much than necessary.


“…Oh my, Violet.
It’s extremely rude, right? …Shall we call the tailless whip scorpions here too?”


“H-Hey, don’t!


“I’m sorry… I-I deeply apologizeee!”


“Mew mew mew♪”


*slide slide* Even Violet (female) joined in as she started rustling up to Emma’s head.

If adding to that, the tailless whip scorpions were called, the fighting forces that could outrival the armed forces of a single country would all gather in this room.

Koumei meowed happily upon seeing Emma regain her vigor, showing the completely opposite mood than George and William, who had turned pale from fear.


“Now~ What should we do~? Hey? Koumei-san!”


“Oomeow meooow♪”


It seemed like no matter if it was one William or two Williams, Koumei wouldn’t mind punishing anyone right then and there, all for the sake of Emma’s smile.


William, apologize quickly.”


“Nii-sama, I’ve been apologizing since some time earlier… Heck, no matter who that Lady Joanna is, I think the womenfolk in our family are definitely stronger…”


To the brothers, Lady Joanna was definitely not scary.

Even when they pleaded to Kan-chan for help with their eyes, Kan-chan just continued cleaning his own face as if saying, “I don’t fight a battle I can’t win, meow.”

Chou-chan was taking a blissful nap while being brushed by Leonard, even in the middle of such a tense situation.


“F-Father! Please do something.” William shouted, despairing at the low morale of the Tanaka male camp.






Melsa and Emma shifted their gaze to Leonard.


“Well… Minato will surely stand out if she mingles with the academy’s young students…”




“What are you saying while we’re at a disadvantage!”


William and George were happy to know their father was backing them, but they couldn’t help but shake their heads, signaling to him that this wasn’t the right time to say that.


“After all, Minato is extraordinarily cute.”










The eyes of the daughter-doting father had always been clouded by a thick filter.
That wouldn’t change even if his daughter was already around forty.




“See, even Koumei-san says that Minato is the best.
George, William? Age doesn’t matter when it comes to cuteness.”




“I, I-will-bear-that-in-mind.”


He missed the point in question, but he had successfully settled the situation.


“But even if I said that age didn’t matter, I think Minato’s adult charm can’t be hidden if you see her at the academy every day.
Because even though Melsa in her student days was overwhelmingly lovely, Melsa now is even lovelier.”




And then the usual recurring pattern… the two gazed into each other’s eyes affectionately…








The thing decided at the family meeting: “The siblings will take a break from school this week.”


The thing George and William learned: “You can’t mess with women around forty.”


The family didn’t know that because the three siblings kept being absent from the academy from the next day, and, on top of that, Melsa canceled all plans to go to tea parties, the rumor that Emma was on the verge of death became even more credible.



Author’s words: The Sixth Tanaka Family Meeting.
…The sixth? …The SIXTH?

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